The Best 1-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans (2024)


If you’re planning a new home, you likely want something that exactly fits your needs.

The one-bedroom barndominium is for many people. With one room, potentially an extra as an office or hobby space, and a wide-open living area, it’s perfect for singles, retirees, and child-free couples looking for just enough space to enjoy life without adding on the costs of maintenance and cleaning.

That’s the best of every world for many, and it’s part of why one-bedroom barndominiums are increasingly popular across the United States. 

They also offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional housing.

A one-bedroom barn home erects in as little as 6 months start to finish, anywhere you want even in the countryside, with a minimum of fuss and investment. And, with build costs averaging at 30% less than stick-built homes, your little dream home could be more affordable than you ever dreamed.

With that in mind, here are some of the best 1-bedroom barndominium floor plans for you to choose from. 

What Makes 1 Bedroom Barndominium House Plans Great

What makes the 1-bedroom barndo great?

They’re compact, affordable, easy to build, and help you keep your environmental impact low, let’s take a look. 

Affordable to Build

Barndominiums cost about 30% less per square foot to build than a stick-built home of the same size and build quality. However, they still average about $80-$200 per square foot for completed costs.

If you go with a one-bedroom home, you’ll be minimizing the upfront investment, which makes your home more accessible and more affordable than ever. That’s important when you consider that adding on an additional room usually chalks up to $16,000 or more per room in your home.

With one bedroom, you can expect the build costs to start from about $80,000 for a home – and you won’t find those kinds of build costs anywhere else. 

Fit Anywhere

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A smaller home means you can put it almost anywhere. That’s true whether you’re looking at a city lot or are more in the mood for something like a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Whatever you want, your 1-bedroom will fit there. And, with a minimum of foundation space, you’ll minimize the amount you have to change your property.

One-bedroom homes are ideal for ensuring your home is not the focus of your property, giving you space for a big yard or garden, beautiful nature, or even to put up a barndominium in an urban area. Whatever you want, your barndominium can fit that need. 


One-bedroom homes are traditionally seen as great options for singles and bachelor pads. At the same time, they’re also a good fit for many other reasons. For example: 

  • A retirement home 
  • Starter home (You’ll have a place to live before having kids, and can always sell it to regain capital without paying money out in rent for those years.)
  • Couples’ home 

As long as you don’t need an extra room for kids or guests, the one-bedroom is an ideal solution.

Of course, that same small size means you will have to be more careful about storage so things don’t get cluttered. However, you can account for that by choosing a floor plan with storage built in. 

Easy to Care For

A one-bedroom home is much easier to care for than a larger home. That means you’ll spend less time cleaning, less time mopping the floors, less time cleaning the windows.

It also means you’ll have less to worry about when you have to do maintenance. The outside will be smaller so there’s less exterior to clean and check. There are fewer doors and windows to replace when your doors and windows age out of being usable.  

Even interior maintenance, like replacing or maintaining central heat and air is relatively simple in a smaller home.

For example, you’ll have fewer pipes and less ductwork to worry about, if you have to replace the boiler or the furnace, you’ll need a smaller machine. That will all add up to mean you’re spending less time and money caring for your home. 

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That will make a difference in your life, whether you’re just starting out or moving into retirement. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Barndominiums are already one of the most environmentally friendly new home options you can choose.

After all, steel is the most recyclable building material. It also lasts up to 100+ years. That’s so much the case that it’s not uncommon to see barndominium frames warrantied for 50-60 years or even longer.

Barndominiums are built to last. Paneling is also built to last, with average warranties extending from 20 to 60 years. That means you’re not expecting to keep your siding for 10 years, throw it away, and buy new.

You’re investing in materials that will stand up to the weather so you can maintain them, not throw them away. That means you’ll have less waste over the same period. However, when you do have to replace your paneling, steel is fully recyclable. 

A one-bedroom home adds to that further. For example, you’ll have fewer heating and cooling bills than with a larger apartment, you’ll use fewer materials to put your home up, and you can use less energy to maintain your home as you want it.

All of that will make a difference in reducing your environmental impact. 

13 Best 1-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan Layouts

One-bedroom barndominiums have a lot to offer. Here are some of the best one-bedroom floor plan layouts you can choose from. 

1. HE2161-A (The Heron Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 960 sq. ft. heated living space
  • 1 bathroom
  • 32’ x 30’ 

At a compact 32’ x 30’, this small 1-bedroom barndominium floor plan is designed to fit anywhere. It still holds all the charm of a barn home, complete with gabled roof and double porch so you can spend as much time as you want outdoors.

Inside, the home maximizes the space available, giving you room to entertain, socialize, or have your hobbies in the comfort of the indoors. 

Half of the 980 square feet of interior space is given over to a single living area. That includes windows on all sides. You also get a kitchen built right against the wall, so you have plenty of space to cook without losing space to live.

The space also features a bedroom connected to a walk in closet plus a bathroom. The laundry room and storage doubles as a pantry if you want. 

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2. RO2181-A (The Rosebank Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 900 square feet living area 
  • 1 bath 
  • 32 x 36’ 

This one-bedroom barndo plan delivers a contemporary design, a unique look and feel, and a small footprint.

At 32’ x 36’, it’s not going to take up much space on your lot and most should have an easy time keeping the 900-square-foot interior clean. But, with every inch of the interior designed to maximize space, it still offers everything you need. 

That includes a large front porch opening into a living, dining, and kitchen area. The kitchen is built into the nook in the back wall, giving you plenty of freedom to separate it off with a bar or kitchen island if you prefer.

A built-in pantry means storage is already thought of. The laundry room also features room for coats, shoes, and anything else you want to store.

The lone bedroom offers 225 square feet of private space, plus an attached closet. 

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3. OS2191-A (The Oswald Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 1,080 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 1.5 baths
  • 36 x 30 

This one-bedroom floor plan takes a simple approach to the exterior, with an overhang roof porch and simple exterior trim. That means you can easily make do with a ready-to-erect building kit with only a few modifications to turn it into your dream home.

Inside, the home is designed to wow with a small space, turning the living area into an open floor plan with a high ceiling for added visual feel. You also get a kitchen with a central kitchen island against the back wall. 

Storage is built in, with a pantry, cabinets, laundry rooms, walk-in closet, and storage all accounted for. The bedroom also offers a spacious sleeping area, plus access to a double walk-in closet, and a separate bathroom entrance.

In addition, with a separate half bath for guests, you can keep your private spaces private. 

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4. EL2221-A (The Elstree Plan)

  • 1 bedroom 
  • 896 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage/workshop space 
  • 40 x 52 

With 1,832 square feet of space, this 1 bedroom barndo plan offers plenty of space to work and live.

However, half of it is dedicated to a large 2-car garage and workshop – making this the perfect home for retirees who need extra space for workshops, recreational vehicles, and other activities.

The home itself mixes contemporary design with barn elements to deliver charm and practicality, whether you’re building in the country or the city. You also get a front and back porch, both worked into the design via an overhang roof. 

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The home also features an open floor plan with a vaulted ceiling, adding to the size and impact of your living space. That features a kitchen and dining area, complete with a built-in pantry, and windows overlooking your property. Guests can use the half bath.

The bedroom features an ensuite master bath with walk-in closet, so you get privacy no matter who’s coming over. The garage is big enough to fit two cars, or your RV, or a workshop – whatever you need is here. 

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5. CH2251-A (The Chepstow Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 1,200 sq ft heated living area 
  • 1.5 baths 
  • 30’ x 40’ 

At 1,200 square feet of living space plus a porch, this one-bedroom barndominium floor plan is perfect for two.

It also centers on a central living area with a massive great room accented by a kitchen with a central kitchen island. That opens to the back patio, so you can add living space by taking meals and socializing outdoors.

A half bath means you don’t have to share your own bathroom with guests. 

You also get a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. That overlooks the porch and the side of the home, so you’ll also have a great view.

Plus, with storage including a laundry room and a pantry worked in, this small home will help you keep your life organized.

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6. BE1771-A (The Belgrave Plan)

  • 1 bedroom 
  • 1,200 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 1.5 bathrooms 
  • 2-car garage + workshop space 
  • 30 x 60’ 

This spacious one-bedroom barndo plan offers everything you need for two to live and park with an everything-under-one-roof approach.

The home is 30’ x 60’, with about two-thirds of that split across the living area. Here, you get a great room with a kitchen built against the back wall. The front porch also offers an additional 176 square feet of outdoor living space.

The master bedroom features a large closet plus a master bath. You’ll also get a half bath in the living room, and situated right next to the workshop and garage. 

The home also features some 600 square feet of garage space. That’s ideal for two cars and a small utility area, or one and a workshop.

At almost 20 feet deep, you can also just fit a workstation against the back wall, for plenty of space to do whatever you want in your spare time.

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7. CU1831-A (The Cumberland Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 977 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage + separate workshop 
  • 40 x 50 

This one-bedroom barndo plan puts the focus on the workshop and exterior space with a two-car garage plus a spacious workshop built in.

That workshop is fully separate from the garage, making it easy to decide to insulate and heat it for comfort, or to convert it into an extra room.

However, with 977 square feet of heated space, the floor plan already delivers a lot to work with. 

That includes a modest living area with a kitchen built in. The vaulted ceiling adds space to the room.

You also get a master bedroom and master bath with a walk-in closet, making this a great fit whether you’re looking for a bachelor pad or a retirement home and still need space for both of you. Plus, with an extra half bath, it’s designed around having guests, even if they can’t stay over. 

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8. MA2171-A (The Maybush Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 960 sq. ft. heated living space
  • 1 bath 
  • 32’ x 30’ 

At just 32’ x 30’ this one-bedroom barndo plan is compact. However, it carefully utilizes every bit of space. You’ll notice that from the second you step onto the porch and into the home.

Here, you get a 500-square-foot room split across the living, dining, and kitchen areas. The kitchen also features an island and wrap-around countertop, so you’ll feel like you’re in a big professional kitchen. The built-in pantry also means storage is always taken care of. 

The bedroom connects to a spacious built-in closet plus a large bathroom. You’ll also get a separate laundry room, so storage is already considered. The space also features a back entrance, ideal for adding a detached garage. 

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9. BI2201-A (The Billet Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 1,070 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 1.5 bathrooms 
  • 1-car garage + workshop space 
  • 30 x 60’ 

This small but charming one-bedroom barndo plan delivers everything you need for one or two people to live in comfort. The plan maximizes floor space with a mix of an open floor plan and good space utilization.

It also delivers outdoor living space, with a front porch, back porch, and back patio. Plus, with a garage and workshop space built in, you won’t have to calculate those as an extra cost when designing your future dream home. 

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The open floor plan means you get a living and dining room running through the home. These run from the front porch to the back patio. An attached kitchen delivers a spacious cooking area, plus a large pantry – ideal if you’re living far away from grocery stores.

The space also features extra storage and a laundry room, so you can keep your small space tidy. The half bath is great if you have guests, or if you’re just spending time on the porch.

Finally, the sole bedroom offers space and easy access to the main bath. 

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10. HA2211-A (The Harwood Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 1,440 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 1.5 bathrooms 
  • 1-car garage 
  • 45’ x 32’ 

This mid-sized one-bedroom barndo plan offers a spacious approach to one bedroom, with 1,440 square feet of heated living space. You also have space for a one-car garage or workshop depending on what you want.

The home itself also maximizes outdoor living space with a front and back porch, so you can socialize and dine outdoors. In addition, with a laundry room, pantry, and storage built in, it’s easy to keep this space tidy even with two people. 

The bedroom is designed as an ensuite, complete with a walk-in closet and private master bath. Guests can use the half bath in the living area.

You also get a central kitchen and island overlooking the back porch, making cooking as social as possible whenever you have guests. 

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11. WY2231-A (The Wycombe Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 989 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 1.5 bathrooms 
  • 1-car garage 
  • 32’ x 52’ 

This compact home divides its 1,385 feet of total space neatly into thirds across a living area, bedroom, and garage.

That gives you a balanced approach to life, with a cozy living and dining area with a kitchen built against the back wall, a massive bedroom, and a one-car garage with space for a small workshop. 

The main room features a kitchen built into the back. That uses the whole corner, giving you plenty of space to fit couches and tables in the rest of the 225 square feet.

You also get a porch so that you can eat outside. A laundry room and guest bathroom also means you can keep the main bathroom just for you.

The master bedroom is almost 225 square feet with an added walk-in closet and private bathroom. That’s everything you need, whether for a bachelor pad, retirement home, or starter home while figuring out what you intend to grow into. 

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12. BR2241-A (The Brockley Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 896 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • 1-car garage
  • 46’ x 28’ 

At just 46’ x 28’, this is one of the smallest one-bedroom barndominium plans on this list. However, it still delivers a lot, especially for someone looking to live on their own or who really doesn’t need that much space with a partner.

The home opens from the front porch into a spacious living area with a vaulted ceiling. The built-in kitchen means you can cook as a social activity. 

You also get a large bedroom with a walk-in closet and a private bathroom entrance. That connects to a laundry, so you can easily move from one part of the home to the next.

Plus, with a one-car garage and space for a workshop in the back, this is the perfect home for one. 

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13. BR2261-A (The Brinkworth Plan)

  • One-bedroom 
  • 1,160 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • 1-car garage
  • 36’ x 50’ 

This compact one-bedroom barn home plan delivers everything under one roof, with a living area, a big bedroom, and a garage and workshop. That starts with a front porch offering close to 300 square feet of space to enjoy the outdoors.

You also get an open floor plan indoors with a vaulted ceiling to make the room feel bigger. The great room offers a built-in fireplace, a central kitchen, and an integrated pantry for easy storage. 

A laundry and mudroom offer access to a half bath for guests. On the other side, you get a master bedroom with an ensuite bath and shower plus a walk-in closet. You’ll also get a garage worked in, complete with enough space for a small workshop at the back. 

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Wrapping Up

One-bedroom barndominiums are versatile, cheap to build, and offer an easy and fast alternative to traditional housing.

Barndominiums are low maintenance, highly durable, and often warrantied for 50+ years. That makes them ideal whether you’re looking for a retirement home to last the rest of your life or are in the market for a starter or bachelor home that you might replace later.

Either way, you’ll need more than a floor plan to get started.

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