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The owners of Texas Best Construction, Josh and Brandy Helm, have been serving the Texas area since 2006. They handle a multitude of construction services, from restoration to remodeling to commercial and residential construction.

In 2015, the Helms began building their own barndominium to combine their living and working spaces. Since then, they’ve continued to build custom barndos for their clients in a 100-mile radius of Red Oak, TX.

Texas Best Construction Services

Texas Best provides several construction and repair services to their customers.

Whether you want just a barndominium shell to finish yourself or full turnkey construction, Texas Best Construction has a plan for you.

Shell-Only And Turnkey Designs

Depending on your location, Texas Best Construction offers two options for barndominium construction: shell-only and turnkey.

They can build full turnkey designs within a 60-mile radius of Red Oak, TX. While Texas Best does not sell floor plans themselves, they do have recommendations for architects and draftsmen that you can use to design your barndo.

Then, Texas Best Construction will develop its construction plan and contract around your plans. Their turnkey services include:

  • 1x crown molding in master bedroom, living room, and entryways
  • Custom cabinets
  • Level 1 granite countertops
  • HVAC systems (as applicable
  • Septic system per engineer recommendations

If you’re a little further from Red Oak, that’s no problem; Texas Best Construction can still construct a barndo shell within 100 miles. These are the sturdy base frames that clients can then customize with their own finished floor plans.

Shells include:

  • Engineered foundation
  • Stained concrete
  • Laminate/vinyl plank or carpet flooring
  • Basic trim package with 4 ¼” base minimum
  • Zip system on walls
  • Full spray foam envelope on exterior walls and roofing
  • Single hung vinyl windows in white or clay color
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The shell-only features are also included with turnkey designs.

Masonry And Siding

A specialty of Texas Best Construction is their masonry work. They are able to construct and repair virtually any masonry, stucco, and EIF systems, including concrete pads for dumpsters.

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They also have several siding options, including:

  • Hardie board
  • Vinyl
  • Cedar siding
  • Vinyl-coated aluminum

In-Person Site Evaluation

Because Texas Best Construction is a local business, they can personally oversee your barndo project. In fact, they provide on-site meetings after your designs are finished to better understand what you want and need from your new home.

They also evaluate the site on which you’re building before you begin. They offer guidance on what work, if any, needs to be done to further prep the site and give you an idea of the additional costs.

Buildertrend Online Portal

To give you the most control over your barndominium construction, Texas Best uses the online portal Buildertrend. Through Buildertrend, you can upload your interior finish ideas, or even choose from a selection of popular options.

This portal is also where you can closely follow the progress of your build. Texas Best Construction will upload their work schedule and keep you updated about each deadline as it comes up.

The portal is available online and through a mobile app, so you can stay informed wherever you are.


Texas Best Construction does give a general ballpark price for their services. They state that a living space with standard finishes runs between $165-185/sq. ft.

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Shop and/or porch areas are estimated between $60-70/sq. ft. For more specific pricing, potential customers will need to contact Texas Best Construction directly to get a quote.


Texas Best Construction does not offer financing themselves nor specific financing partnerships.

They have a list of lenders with whom they’ve worked in the past, but there are no agreements with any of them for specialty barndominium financing.

Texas Best Construction Reviews & Rating

Texas Best Construction is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and does not have enough information to be rated by the BBB.

However, they have a number of positive reviews through Google, many of which praise the quality of their work. Some more negative feedback from both Google and Yelp cites issues with communication and customer service.

Google Reviews – 4/5 (based on 43 reviews)

Yelp – 3/5 (based on 1 review)

Customer Testimonials

Paul Stenseth, Google review: “We talked to three builders, got quotes and selected Texas Best as they best met our requirements for energy efficiency through a tight envelope, an engineered slab, and the hybrid aspects of Josh and Brandy’s barndo builds brought the structure together in a way which made sense to us. When we had questions or concerns, we were always able to find whoever we needed to talk with, as any custom build is a dynamic situation, and there will be some things you want to change while you can. We have been in our place for more than a year now and find it comfortable and very livable. Thanks Texas Best!” (5/5 rating)

Todd Westbrook, Google review: “Well it has been a year since we built our dream home. There is always something you wish you could of [sic] done different or added, but overall we are happy and love our home. We want to thank Texas Best Construction again for bringing our home to life. If you are looking for a barndominium builder, Texas Best is the way to go. The Helms are good people just trying to bring families Barndos to life.” (5/5 rating)

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Kate M., Yelp: “They need to work on their customer service. I contacted them about building a barndominium. First communication with them said, ‘Get a floor plan and we will give you an estimate for the build.’ I was super excited. Two weeks later I get another email, ‘Sorry, you are out of our service area.’ Funny thing is, they are currently here building a barndominium for another customer. Now, I know I am at the edge of their service area and they have the right to turn down a job but be honest and show the customer some respect. Saying, ‘After building in your area we discovered it stretches our resources too thin.’ I would understand and respect. But saying we don’t build in your area when there is a video of Josh at a build site in my town… very disrespectful.” (3/5 rating)


  • Positive customer reviews
  • Can provide shell-only and turnkey designs
  • Easy to track construction progress with online portal


  • Limited services compared to other contractors (no permit assistance, no grading, etc.)
  • No financing assistance
  • Limited construction specifications
  • No design team
  • No stock floor plans for sale or as examples

Website: http://www.texas-bestconstruction.com/

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