Double-Story, 4-Bedroom Table Rock (Floor Plans)



  • Area: 2,776 sq. ft.
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Stories: 2
  • Garages: 1

Welcome to the gallery of photos for the single-story, four-bedroom Table Rock home. The floor plans are shown below:

Main level floor plan
Second level floor plan
Artist’s sketch of the front exterior
The facade of the Table Rock barndominium-style shows the large attached garage.
The house’s massive garage can store up to three vehicles, and can also be used as a shop area.
The back of the house includes an additional entry bay to the garage.
At the side of the house is a wide outdoor living space with plenty of seating.
The covered front porch has accents of stone and wood in its design.

Welcome to the Table Rock, a masterpiece of barndominium architecture where elegance, space, and modern design coalesce, birthing a home that is as functional as it is visually stunning.

From the outset, Table Rock is unapologetic in its grandeur. With an exterior that hints at the expansive spaces within, you are introduced to a world where every inch is meticulously crafted for luxury and comfort.

Your journey begins with an entrance into an expanse where boundaries between living spaces are beautifully blurred. Here, 3,570 sq. ft. of garage space doesn’t just exist alongside living quarters but integrates, offering a symbiotic relationship of work, play, and rest.

Venture inside, and the majesty of space is unveiled.

Beneath the embrace of a grand vaulted ceiling, an open floor plan dances to the rhythm of seamless connectivity. The dining area, kitchen, and great room merge into a harmonious existence beneath a cathedral ceiling, each space a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

The kitchen, a chef’s sanctuary, is adorned with a snack bar and an ample walk-in pantry, ensuring that every culinary journey is supported by space and functionality. With every utensil and ingredient within arm’s reach, it’s a space where meals are not just cooked but created, where aromas and flavors come to life.

On the main level, convenience and luxury are the themes that dictate the narrative.

The master bedroom, a sanctified space of repose, welcomes with his/her vanities and a capacious walk-in closet. Every element, every corner, is a blend of aesthetic elegance and functionality.

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A second bedroom, equally graced with a touch of luxury, shares its bathroom with the primary living area, echoing the themes of convenience and accessibility.

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But the Table Rock is not done. Ascend to the loft level, and the narrative of space continues. Here, beneath the regal embrace of the cathedral ceiling, a viewpoint unveils the majesty of the living spaces below.

Two additional bedrooms rest on this level, each a sanctuary, a private world of comfort, echoing the overarching narrative of space, luxury, and meticulous design.

Table Rock is more than a barndominium; it’s a narrative of integrated spaces.

It’s where the rugged elegance of a barn meets contemporary design elements, birthing a home that is as expansive as it is cozy, as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing—a domicile where every day is a sojourn of luxury, space, and unparalleled comfort.

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