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Midsouth Barndominiums was founded in 2021 by Tennessee native James Balmez.

Previously working with nationwide company Summertown Metals and being part of the construction industry for over 10 years, Balmez wanted to provide barndos to the middle TN area.

Now, Midsouth Barndominiums provides everything to build quality barndominiums, whether you just need blueprints or a full construction team.

Furthermore, their construction services cover most of the middle and parts of west and east Tennessee. They can also ship up to 300 miles around Hohenwald, TN.

Midsouth Barndominiums Services

Midsouth Barndominiums offers a wide variety of choices for how to build a barndominium.

From just purchasing the plans to use with another contractor, to buying the materials to do it yourself, to full design and construction services – Midsouth Barndominium has it all.

Take a look at some of their top offerings in more detail below.

Floor Plans

Midsouth Barndominiums offers 18 barndo floor plans starting at $1,200 for a digital download.

A physical copy of the blueprints is also available for $1,400. These plans include foundation layout, 3D renderings, floor plan layout and blueprints, and electrical and plumbing layouts for select plans.

In addition, if you sign a full contract with Midsouth Barndominiums, their stock blueprints are included for free.

Custom Blueprints

If you already have an idea of what you want your barndo to look like, Midsouth Barndominiums offers CAD services to turn your ideas into usable blueprints.

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Or, if you want to work with their stock plans but add customizations, the company has three different levels of modifications available.

  • Basic: color changes, two revisions, electrical layout, exterior footprint modifications, minor changes to windows and doors
  • Moderate: All Basic modifications plus interior floor modifications and further window and door changes
  • Premium: All Moderate modifications plus limited changes to overall square footage and a basement or block foundation 

AkzoNoble CERAM-A-STAR 1050 Paint System

All of Midsouth Barndominiums’ metal panels use the AkzoNoble CERAM-A-STAR 1050 paint system. It has a 27% higher gloss retention than its competitors and has 1.5 times less color fade.

Additionally, these metal panels are available in 29 colors, and customers can choose different colors for the roof, walls, wainscoting, and trim of their barndominium.

Materials-Only And Labor Packages

If you’re more of a DIY builder, then Midsouth Barndominiums does offer a materials-only package. This includes the blueprints, lumber for interior and exterior framework, metal siding and roof components, and exterior doors and windows.

However, they also have material and labor packages as well. This includes all of the materials for your barndominium as well as forming and pouring the concrete slab and stonework (if included in the plans).

Midsouth Barndominiums has 13 packages available in a wide variety of sizes, finishing, and available upgrades.


Midsouth Barndominiums has almost all of their price points clearly explained on their website. For blueprints only, their prices are as follows:

  • Stock Plans (digital download): $1,200
  • Stock Plans (digital download and physical copy): $1,400
  • Basic Modifications: $1,800
  • Moderate Modifications: $2,200
  • Premium Modifications: $2,500
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If you want a package that includes plans and materials, then these begin at $36,000 for a one-story 28×26 barndominium. From there, the highest price point is $186,500 for a two-story 42×60 barndo with a 32×48 garage.

Finally, Midsouth Barndominiums top offerings are their material and labor packages. For the same floor plans mentioned above, the full labor packages are priced at $67,200 and $289,500.


While Midsouth Barndominiums doesn’t explicitly offer financing, they do have a partnership with Peoples Bank in Hohenwald, TN.

Still, you may need to contact Midsouth Barndominiums directly to get a direct recommendation to Peoples Bank.

Midsouth Barndominiums Reviews & Rating

Unfortunately, there are few customer reviews available online for Midsouth Barndominiums. They don’t appear to be associated with the Better Business Bureau, and there are only a handful of testimonials on their own website.

But the reviews on Google are positive, citing fast work and professionalism.

Google – 4.8/5 (based on 6 reviews)

Customer Testimonials

Here’s what a few customers have said about working with Midsouth Barndominiums:

R W, Google reviews – “James and his team did a great job and got our house built fast! I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks!” (5/5 rating)

Josh Nettles, Google reviews – “One of the best barndominium and custom structure builders. We love our place and would recommend them to anyone.” (5/5 rating)

Jason Brackett, Midsouth Barndominiums testimonial – “Had a great experience and learned a lot through the process. Hit a few bumps but expected on big projects. We worked together and got the job completed.”


  • Clear and easy to find pricing
  • Wide variety of package options
  • Detailed sample floor plans and photos/renderings of barndominiums
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  • Few customer reviews
  • Modifications can quickly raise costs
  • Little information about their materials and manufacturing process

Website: https://midsouthbarndominiums.com/

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