Southern Charm Perfected: Mary Bosarge Morris’ Barndominium In South Alabama, Featuring A Butler’s Pantry & Customized Touches


Nestled in the heart of South Alabama, Mary Bosarge Morris and her husband embarked on their dream project: an empty nest forever home on 40 acres of picturesque land. 

Living in their RV for ten months during construction added a unique perspective to the process, underscoring their newfound appreciation for the barndominium they were building. 

The exterior structure, spanning an impressive 50’ x 80’, envelops 1,550 sq. ft. of well-planned living area. 

This 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom abode is designed for comfort and functionality.

The master bedroom boasts a spacious walk-in closet with convenient laundry facilities, while a thoughtfully designed butler’s pantry enhances the kitchen area. 

The property includes a substantial garage/shop catering to the couple’s practical needs and hobbies.

With a vision of a family legacy, Mary and her husband have not just built a home; they’ve created a sanctuary for generations to come, fostering the hope that their four adult children might one day build alongside them on this serene Alabama land.

Take a look at exterior and interior photos below.


The grand entrance is graced by striking front doors, measuring an impressive 96” x 60”, adding a touch of elegance to the facade. 

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The exterior of the house welcomes guests with an expansive 11-foot deep concrete porch, providing ample space to relax and entertain under the open sky. 

The barndominium itself stands as a statement in design, with dark gray siding accentuated by sleek black trim and windows, creating a modern and inviting atmosphere for all who approach.

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Living Area

In the heart of the home, the living area measures 25 feet in width and 15 feet in depth, offering a spacious and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and gatherings. 

The room is adorned with lofty 10-foot ceilings, enhancing the sense of openness and airiness.

The flooring, a unique touch to the space, features wood-looking ceramic tiles sourced from a building salvage store, showcasing a blend of rustic charm and practicality. 

These tiles have been meticulously mortared and grouted, with carefully crafted tight grout lines adding to the room’s polished appearance.

The walls are adorned in Sherwin Williams Luxe Gray, a sophisticated hue that complements the overall aesthetic of the living area. 

To add a touch of timeless elegance, craftsman-style trim frames the doorways, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.


The kitchen stands as a testament to both functionality and style. 

The focal point of this culinary space is the expansive island, measuring an impressive 5 ½ feet by 8 feet, providing ample room for meal preparation and casual dining. 

With seating for four, the island becomes a hub of activity, where family and friends can gather to enjoy each other’s company.

The island’s wood stain is a custom blend, expertly mixed by Mary’s cabinet builder, adding a touch of uniqueness to the kitchen’s aesthetic. 

A door positioned to the right of the refrigerator opens to the garage/shop, enhancing the kitchen’s practicality by facilitating easy access for bringing in groceries or transporting items between spaces.

Butler’s Pantry

Tucked away but not forgotten, the Butler’s Pantry serves as a delightful oasis within the home, quickly becoming Mary’s favorite room. 

Measuring a generous 9 feet by 13 feet, the pantry provides ample room for storage and organization.

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This space features a 2-inch Acacia butcher block countertop that has been expertly coated in Minwax high gloss clear polyurethane, adding both durability and a touch of elegance.

What makes this space truly special is the personal touch infused by Mary’s husband. 

He skillfully transformed unfinished cabinets, sourced from a local store, into custom storage solutions, showcasing his craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The cabinetry, painted in the rich and sophisticated Sherwin Williams Naval hue, exudes a sense of classic allure.


The home features two serene bedrooms, each enveloped in a calming ambiance. 

The neutral palette is carried through, with both rooms adorned in the same wood-like ceramic tiles, creating a seamless flow. 

The walls are elegantly painted in Sherwin Williams Luxe Grey, imparting a sophisticated touch to the interiors.

In both bedrooms, the thoughtful inclusion of ceiling fans enhances comfort and provides a gentle breeze on warm days, adding a practical and stylish element to the spaces. 

These bedrooms offer a peaceful retreat, where the harmony of colors and the gentle whir of fans create an inviting atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

Master Walk-In Closet + Laundry

This well-designed closet not only ensures wardrobe organization but also integrates a functional laundry area, maximizing the home’s efficiency and utility.

The master walk-in closet is a spacious haven for organizing clothes, offering ample room for hanging and storing garments with ease. 

Additionally, a thoughtful convenience awaits inside this closet – laundry machines have been discreetly placed, adding a practical touch to the space. 


In the master bathroom, custom L-shaped cabinets crafted by a local cabinet maker add a touch of artisanal charm. 

The shower area is elegantly enclosed with glass, enhancing the modern aesthetic. 

The countertop, made from rich mahogany butcher block, exudes warmth and durability, finished with Minwax high gloss clear polyurethane for a polished look.

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In the second bathroom, a harmonious blend of colors in black, white, and brown hues creates a stylish and timeless atmosphere. 


The garage/shop area of the barndominium is a versatile space, also serving as a personal gym with weights and exercise equipment. 

The shelving, acquired second-hand from a closing store, was given a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint, adding functionality to the space. 

The flooring was meticulously designed for durability, featuring a two-part gray epoxy base coat and a heavy flake overlay applied while the surface was still wet. 

To enhance its resilience, two coats of Foundation Armour, a robust top coat product, were applied.

This careful flooring choice ensures the space remains pristine even with heavy use, including the frequent passage of a tractor and side-by-side vehicles. 

The metal trusses present in both the garage and living area not only add structural strength but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the space, marrying durability with visual charm.

Floor Plans

Mary’s barndominium floor plan is a testament to thoughtful design and meticulous planning. 

She began the process with a rough sketch, capturing her vision of the space. 

With this concept in hand, Mary collaborated with an architect who translated her ideas into detailed and precise drawings. 

The resulting floor plan seamlessly integrates the spacious garage/shop area, showcasing Mary’s dedication to creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space for both her and her husband.

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