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Are you a barndo enthusiast? or someone who has just come across the lifestyle advantages that a Barndo can bring into your life?

Building a barndominium takes a considerable amount of time and involves a lot of moving parts, especially if you’re going to be your own general contractor. Hiring out can also *look* simple, but the truth is that any large construction project is going to need staying on top of. This rings especially true for your own dream home.

As barndos take more of a centre-stage in the home construction arena, the demand is picking up massively. We can see the trends moving up most since 2020, 3 years in, Americans can’t get enough of these types of barn homes. And who’s to blame them? They’re a beautiful way to live if your budget allows.

As with any starting point in construction of building, you will require floor plans. They as the crux of your project. Without proper blueprints, you face an uphill battle.

On this page you will find a link to our free barndominium floor plans package. Our package contains a number of barndo floor plans that are suited for all sizes and budgets.

Download our free Barndominium floor plans package now

To download the complimentary floor plans package for barndos, you’ll simply need to click the orange button to be taken to a page which contains a form like below:

Steps for accessing your free barndo floor plans

  • Once you’ve clicked the orange button on this page which says “Get FREE Barndo Plans” you’ll land on the form page
  • You will need to submit your email address in the single field shown and click the green button “Download For Free”.
  • You’ll then receive an email from us with a link to download your PDF file.
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What Services Do We Offer?

At BarndominiumZONE we offer custom floor plans for Barndos as well as stock plans. If you’ve found a specific plan you think you want to move forward with but want to make changes, you can contact us.

Once you’ve downloaded the floor plans package of our site, you can scroll through the PDF file and find ideas and inspiration for your build.

You may even opt to go totally custom and have a few sketches you’ve done yourself. If you take a photo of those or scan them into your computer, you can also send those over to us.

Note: We are not builders of Barndos, so we can’t put together the actual structure. You will need to find a contractor locally for this.

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