Double-Story, 4-Bedroom Glenview Hills Rustic Barndominium Style House (Floor Plan)



  • Area: 2,992 sq. ft.
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3.5
  • Stories: 2
  • Garages: 0

Welcome to the gallery of photos for the Glenview Hills Rustic Barndominium Style House. The floor plans are shown below:

The default exterior variation of the Glenview Hills rustic-style barndominium.
This variation has a wooden-themed exterior.
The front of the house has an ample covered porch.
The house’s riverside location adds to its natural feel.
A wider porch with more seating options is found at the back of the house.
The great room’s high two-story ceiling adds to its spaciousness.
Next to the living room are the dining and kitchen areas.
Elements of wood and marbles are present in this well-stocked kitchen.
The dining area is spacious enough for up to eight people.
The windows of the master bedroom are a great addition to its comfy and airy environment.
The master bathroom is loaded with amenities that will make bathing an enjoyable experience.
Upstairs, the loft can be set as a small living area with a study section.

Step into a realm where the rustic allure of a countryside barn converges with modern architectural brilliance.

Meet a barndominium that not only captures the essence of rural charm but envelops its occupants in a symphony of luxurious spaces crafted with meticulous design.

From the outside, the rugged yet elegant barn aesthetic beckons with the promise of cozy, countryside living. However, within the walls of this charming edifice lies a different tale, one that spans a grand 2,992 square feet of intricately designed spaces.

As the doors swing open, you’re greeted with a palatial great room, where elegance and comfort dance under soaring ceilings. Here, every moment and every gathering is elevated, the grandeur of the space echoing the warmth of unforgettable memories made.

At the heart of the home, the dining area unfolds. A space where meals are not just served but experiences shared, and stories told. With a view of the sumptuous great room and an embrace of the elegantly appointed kitchen, every seat here is a vantage point to luxury.

The kitchen, with its generous island, is a culinary artist’s haven. Here, meals are crafted amidst spaces that breathe, and every appliance, every countertop whispers of quality and elegance. Adjacent, the walk-in pantry stands as a vault of flavors, ready to turn every meal into a gourmet experience.

The master suite is an enclave of tranquility. Tucked in its own exclusive wing, it echoes a five-star experience, offering a serene retreat adorned with a lavish five-piece bathroom and designed with solitude and luxury in mind.

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Opposite, two additional bedrooms extend the invitation to repose. With a shared hallway bathroom, these spaces balance privacy and accessibility, offering every occupant a personalized sanctuary.

Journeying through the kitchen corridor, discover functional elegance in the form of a laundry, a powder room, and a mudroom, each element a testament to thoughtful design.

The adventure doesn’t end here.

Ascend the elegant stairs to unveil yet another layer of this intricate dwelling. Here, a loft area reveals itself, overlooking the grandeur of the great room and offering an elevated perspective on luxury living.

An additional bedroom, complete with a full bathroom, extends the narrative of elegance and space.

In this symmetrical barndominium, every inch, every corner is a harmonious blend of the rustic charm of a rural barn and the intricate elegance of contemporary design.

A home not just built but crafted, where every space and every room is a chapter in a narrative of luxury, comfort, and unmatched elegance.

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