Top 19 Best Barndominium Builders In Colorado (2024)


If you’re researching building a new home, a barndominium can easily make the top of the list. These trendy new build options are popular for saving on build time and costs.

In fact, with shell costs averaging at around $40 per square foot and finished build at $100-$150, they can be 30% or more cheaper than a traditional home.

But, barndos aren’t just cheap; they also offer open floor plans, wide open spaces, and high ceilings that can deliver a beautiful and modern look to your home. And, with reduced costs, it’s easier to fit in space for hobbies, garages, and whatever else you want. 

The barndo is popular for a reason. And, if you’re building one in Colorado, you’ll have all the options to choose from.

Colorado’s barndominium builders range from budget construction companies to luxury wood designers, so you can pick the option that meets your needs and budget. 

  • Rapidset Metal Buildings
  • Sapphire Construction 
  • Country Wide Barns 
  • DC Builders
  • Aryex LLC 
  • Timberlyne 
  • Worldwide Steel Buildings 
  • The Barnyard Store 
  • Mountain State Construction 
  • Morton Buildings 
  • Steel Structures America 
  • Altitude Builders
  • Drop Tine Construction 
  • Great Western Building Systems
  • General Steel Corporation 
  • Matukat Construction 
  • Two Lone Antlers LLC 
  • NoCo Buildings 
  • Riviera Custom LLC 

1. Rapidset Metal Buildings

Rapidset Metal Buildings is a pre-engineered metal building company that delivers across 21 countries.

In addition, while primarily offering commercial metal buildings, Rapidset has a lot of experience with barndominiums. This includes full steel builds with large residential customizations like big windows, porches, and much more.

The builder also works with your local architect to ensure that your building meets all local code and requirements, so you know you’ll get planning permission approval. 

Rapidset Metal Buildings can also help with pre-construction planning. However, you’ll need your own local builder for erection. In addition, you’ll have to locally source your residential doors and windows.

Rapidset does not do foundations or interior finishing. However, it does offer a 50-year structural warranty. 

  • Delivers across Colorado 
  • 50-year structural warranty, 25-year paint warranty, 30-year roof warranty
  • Custom metal barndominiums 
  • Materials-only delivery 
  • No ready-to-ship kits
  • No erection services, no foundations
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Address: 3555 N Prospect St $120 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone: 1-800-793-8555

2. Sapphire Construction 

Sapphire Construction is a metal building and post frame builder offering construction services in Douglas, Elbert, and Jefferson counties. The builder specializes in wood post frame buildings with metal siding. However, you can also opt for full metal structures as well. 

Sapphire Construction is also able to provide construction, foundation, and electrical work through its local partnerships. Its basic designs also include barns with living quarters and full homes.

However, you’ll need a general contractor for the interior finishing. Sapphire doesn’t serve everywhere, so you’ll want to check that they operate in your area before moving forward. 

  • Builds in Douglas, Elbert, and Jefferson Counties 
  • Lifetime structural warranty 
  • 50-year warranty on paneling
  • Wood pole barns with metal framing 
  • Custom engineering 
  • Erection services
  • Foundation services
  • No interior finishing

Address: 5093 Rocky View Point, Castle Rock, CO 80108
Phone: 303-619-7213

3. Country Wide Barns 

Country Wide Barns is a large luxury wood barndominium builder. The builder also offers turnkey service, with foundation, building kit construction, and interior finishing included.

Alternatively, you can opt to have Country Wide Barns handle the engineering and design and deliver you a wood barndominium kit. It’s also one of the few kit builders that works with wood, meaning it’s a good choice if you want a largely DIY approach but prefer wood to steel structures. 

Country Wide Barns is not a budget option. Instead, it offers higher-end materials, a home-like finish, and plenty of customization options for its barndo kits. That gives you more freedom to create a beautiful home. However, it will cost more than a simple metal building kit. 

  • Full service across Colorado 
  • 10-year warranty 
  • Wood barndominiums
  • Metal paneling 
  • Barndo kits available
  • Custom designs and engineering
  • Interior finishing
  • Foundations 

Address: 1020 Industrial Dr #20, Pleasant View, TN 37146, United States
Phone: +1 800-615-9720

4. DC Builders

DC Builders is very similar to Country Wide Barns in that it offers a luxury barndo solution. The company uses heavy timber and unique design to deliver beautiful barn homes that are custom-engineered to meet local wind and snow loads.

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It also offers some metal framing and paneling options in its kits. However, a large portion of DC Builders barndo kits is wood frame with wood exterior paneling – for a beautiful and traditional barn look.

The company also offers full construction and foundation services across the state. 

You can also opt to order a custom-engineered building rather than a kit. This includes designing a floor plan and putting together a building to bring that to life.

In either case, you’ll need your own general contracting crew for the interior finishing. 

  • Services across Colorado 
  • Heavy timber construction 
  • Barndominium kits 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Custom design and engineering 
  • Erection services 
  • Foundation services
  • No interior finishing 

Address: 1639 Dickerson Blvd A, Monroe, NC 28110, United States
Phone: +1 704-225-9669

5. Aryex LLC 

Aryex is a Colorado Springs-based construction company specializing in barndominiums. This includes constructing metal barn kits and turning them into homes.

However, it also includes remodeling existing buildings, including metal buildings, old barns, and much more. That makes this the team to turn to when you want to turn a metal building kit into a beautiful home. That includes exterior design, with work in stone and concrete. 

Aryex is a general builder, so they can normally work with whatever kinds of materials and structures you want. However, you’ll always want to contact the team to ensure they service your area and to ensure they can do the work you want. 

  • Based in Colorado Springs
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Specializes in barndominiums
  • Full general contracting
  • Erection services available
  • Full interior modeling and remodeling 

Address: 6672 Wild Indigo Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Phone: 719-600-7573

6. Timberlyne 

Timberlyne is a wood barndominium kit builder. However, you will need your own contractor to erect a Timberlyne kit, as the builder does not provide any kind of construction services.

The kits are delivered ready to assemble, complete with instructions, which makes it easy to assemble and finish the building. 

Timberlyne uses sustainably harvested heavy timber framing, wood exterior paneling, and residential doors and windows.

In addition, its barndo kits come without paint, meaning you can opt to customize the color as much as you want. However, wood is treated and is suitable for leaving bare.

Timberlyne uses post frames, wood or shingle roofing, and wood paneling, meaning you can get an extremely unique and traditional barn look for your home. 

  • Delivery across Colorado 
  • 4-year warranty
  • All wood barndo kits 
  • Customization available 
  • No erection or construction services 

Address: 116 West 1st Street Wayne, NE 68787
Phone: 888-489-1680

7. Worldwide Steel Buildings 

Worldwide Steel Buildings is a metal building prefabrication company offering a wide range of metal building kits and custom metal buildings.

It manufactures these at its factory and then ships them to you, complete with assembly instructions. However, you’ll have to source your own erection crew, as Worldwide Steel does not erect its own buildings. 

However, with a wide range of customization options including insulation and dormers, you can opt for a beautiful metal building for your barndo. From there, whatever you do with the interior will make that building your home.

The company also offers a 50-year structural warranty and significant paint and roofing warranties, making it a great choice if you’re looking for long-term cost management. 

  • Delivers across Colorado 
  • 50-year structural warranty 
  • Some barndo building kits
  • Custom engineering available
  • Wide range of customization options
  • No erection services 
  • No foundations 

Address: 10505 State Rt YY Peculiar, Missouri 64078
Phone: 800-825-0316

8. The Barnyard Store 

The Barnyard Store is a custom barn builder specializing in luxury timber framing. The builder has 4 barndo kits in stock but also offers custom design and engineering.

Its kits are high-end, averaging at around $100 per square foot for the shell with windows and a second story. However, with all wood construction, stone accents, and glass included, you get a completely unique and beautiful barn home kit for that price. 

However, the Barnyard Store does not offer erection or construction of any kind. You’ll need your own general contractor to install the foundation, erect the barndo kit, and then do the interior finishing. 

  • Delivers across Colorado 
  • 10-year warranty 
  • All wood barn kits
  • Custom engineering available 
  • Materials-only delivery (no erection services) 

Address: 120 West Road, Ellington, CT 06029
Phone: 1-800-628-2276

9. Mountain State Construction 

Mountain State Construction is a steel building company specializing in metal building engineering and erection. The company also offers erection services in case you’re buying a metal building kit elsewhere.

Here, Mountain State Construction will come in, do the excavation, lay the foundation, and erect the metal building kit. From there, you’ll need a separate general contractor for the interior finishing. 

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Mountain State Construction can also design a custom metal building for you. However, it primarily specializes in commercial builds, which means you won’t get a great deal of residential finish options if you go this route. 

  • Serves all of Colorado 
  • Metal building erection
  • Metal building design and engineering
  • Foundation services available 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty

Address: 1550 Larimer Street, Ste. 200 Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 866-995-4932 

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10. Morton Buildings 

Morton Buildings is one of the largest metal building manufacturers in the United States.

It’s also one of the few big companies to offer installation and erection services, including foundations. This means Morton will show up at your site, pour the foundation, and then come back after curing to erect a metal building.

Here, Morton works with a team of certified builders, which it finds and trains locally in your area. 

Morton’s building selection is also great for barndominiums. It offers customization including residential options like dormers. However, you’ll have to shop for your own doors and windows.

On the other hand, Morton can supply you with wood and concrete trim for porches and exteriors, meaning you’ll get a more custom look and feel to your bando than with many metal kits. 

  • Delivery across Colorado 
  • 35-year warranty 
  • Custom barndominiums
  • Limited kit options 
  • Mixed material finishing 
  • Erection provided 
  • Foundation services 

Address: 252 W. Adams St. Morton, IL 61550-1804
Phone: 800-447-7436

11. Steel Structures America 

Steel Structures American delivers and constructs metal buildings and post-frame buildings across Colorado. It primarily specializes in agricultural and commercial buildings. However, you can also get residential design options including doors and windows.

Steel Structures America also offers foundation and erection services, which means you can use just one company for the full shell erection of your new home. 

The company also has extensive experience in working with builders to meet local zoning regulations. That also includes wind and snow load, Housing Association-required exterior finish requirements, and other customizations.

In addition, while Steel Structures America does offer some kits, they are limited, so most buyers will go with a custom-engineered building. You’ll need your own general contractor for the interior finishing. 

  • Services across Colorado 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Limited kits available 
  • Custom engineering 
  • Post-frame and metal buildings 
  • Erection services
  • Foundation services

Address: 3635 E. Covington Ave. Post Falls, ID 83854
Phone: (866) 988-0072

12. Altitude Builders

Altitude Builders is a custom pole barn builder based in Colorado. The company specializes in wood pole barns with metal cladding.

It also serves around the Wetmore Area, so you won’t be able to contract them everywhere in the state. However, you can have Altitude custom-engineer and erect a building for you – which you can then hand off to a general contractor to convert into a home. 

Altitude does not offer a lot of customization or exterior design options. However, it does offer simple and cost-effective builds, which are ideal if you’re looking for a quick and affordable barn home.

You can also expect full service and support with excavation and building erection – so all you need is interior finishing. 

  • Based in Wetmore, CO
  • Pole barns with metal cladding
  • Custom engineered buildings 
  • No interior finishing 
  • Erection services included
  • Minimal residential customizations 
  • Foundation services

Address: 4950 S Yosemite St f2-205, Greenwood Village, Co 80111
Phone: 719-478-6312

13. Drop Tine Construction 

Drop Tine Construction is a general contractor and builder specializing in rustic homes and outdoor living. Its portfolio includes everything from cabins to barndominiums with a wide range of materials and design options included.

In addition, Drop Tine can design your entire space including outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and much more. That makes this a perfect choice if you’re looking for a full-service approach to your barndominium, with attention paid to your outdoor space. 

Drop Tine primarily works with wood and stone or other natural materials.

However, you can work with the company to get any material you want – although it won’t be as cost-effective as a traditional metal building kit. Instead, you’ll get a fully unique and custom barndominium. 

  • Serves all of Colorado 
  • 1-year craftsmanship warranty 
  • Wood and stone builds
  • Custom engineering 
  • Erection services provided
  • Exterior design services included

Address: 719-214-9636
Phone: PO Box 1451 Celina, TX 75009 

14. Great Western Building Systems

Great Western Building Systems is a budget metal building company offering simple structures with low pricing.

The brand focuses on delivering high value for money, with a few customizable building kits. However, you’ll need your own general contractor for interior finishing and for residential doors and windows.

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If you’re looking for a low-cost solution for your new barndo shell, however, Great Western Building Systems can deliver – and with some customizations like paint and cupolas to make your building kit unique to you. 

In addition, Great Western doesn’t do erection itself. However, it can connect you to its builder network of certified builders, so you can work with someone who knows how to erect your building kit. 

  • Based in Colorado 
  • Metal building kits 
  • Several barndominium kits
  • Residential customizations
  • No interior finishing
  • No erection services
  • No foundation services

Address: 2022 S Park Rd Suite 1200 Denver, CO 80014
Phone: 1-800-497-2135

15. General Steel Corporation 

General Steel Corporation is a metal building manufacturer offering building kits with materials delivered ready-to-assemble to your lot.

The company does all welding and manufacturing upfront, and all you have to do on location is bolt everything together. From there, you’ll need a general contractor to handle the foundation, the erection, and the interior finishing. 

However, General Steel is a great choice if you’re looking for a metal building shell without the complexity or cost of residential customizations. You will have to supply your own doors and windows.

Otherwise, General Steel will offer you a same-day quote based on your consultation, will quickly manufacture everything, and will get the building to your lot after building permits and foundations are finalized. 

  • Based in Colorado 
  • 50-year structural warranty 
  • Metal building kits
  • Custom-engineered barndos
  • No erection services
  • No foundation services

Address: 10639 W. Bradford Road Littleton, CO 80127
Phone: 1-855-426-9202 

16. Matukat Construction

Matukat is a custom home builder based in Colorado Springs. It also specializes in buildings of all kinds, meaning you can get a traditional home, a post-frame building, or anything in between.

The builder also does remodels and can convert an existing barn structure or metal building into a barndominium as well. That makes Matukat a great choice if you’re looking for one company to handle every stage of your build process. 

In addition, Matukat is very experienced with rural and remote builds. While you will pay more for this, Matukan can erect and finish your barndo nearly anywhere.

The company also offers flooring, cabinetry, foundations, exterior design, and much more, so you get a completely custom home from one contractor. 

  • Based in Colorado 
  • 1-year craftsmanship warranty 
  • Custom engineered buildings
  • Full interior design services
  • Metal building construction 
  • Range of construction options

Address: 5245 Centennial Blvd Suite 206 Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Phone: 719-332-4516

17. Two Lone Antlers LLC

Two Lone Antlers is a Loveland-based pole barn company specializing in custom barns and barn homes. The company uses wood posts with poured slabs over concrete piers.

It also offers some building customizations for residential homes, including the option to build in doors and windows almost anywhere, custom porches and trim, and plenty of design options.  

Two Lone Antlers also fully custom-designed every building. This means you’ll work with an architect and a designer to get the specific building you want. However, you will need a designer and a separate builder for your interior.  

  • Based in Loveland  
  • Wood post frame buildings 
  • Custom barndo designs 
  • Full erection and slab  

Address: 1553 Lake Dr, Loveland, CO 80538  
Phone: 970-980-7120

18. NoCo Buildings 

NoCo Buildings is a North Colorado pole barn builder specializing in wooden pole barns.

The builder doesn’t specifically offer residential customizations – although you can ask for more window and door openings to fit your own doors and windows. However, it will put up poles, pour the slab, and erect the shell – which you can then hand over to your general contractor to convert into your home.

NoCo can also build a 2-story barndo for you – which means you can go as big as you like on your lot. 

NoCo doesn’t offer a lot in terms of customization. However, you will get a no-nonsense and solid building that will transform into a beautiful barndo with the right interior finishing. 

  • Based in Colorado 
  • Wood post frame barndominiums
  • 1-year craftsmanship warranty 
  • Custom engineered buildings
  • Foundations 
  • No interior design 

Address: 24159 Co Rd 53, Kersey, CO 80644
Phone: 970-214-6754

19. Riviera Custom LLC 

Riviera Custom LLC is a custom home builder offering a full-service approach to newly built homes. It also primarily works with steel frames and metal siding, although you can select other materials as well.

They also offer insulated concrete forms and other solutions, which means you can make your building truly unique. 

Riviera also does the full interior and exterior, so you’ll only need one contractor to bring your barndominium to life. The company also offers design and pre-construction planning services. 

  • Based in Colorado 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Red iron prefabricated steel buildings
  • Full service general contracting 
  • Interior finishing 

Address: PO Box 2663 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Phone: 281-480-9661

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