American Barndominiums: 2024 Prices, Services, Reviews


Headquartered in Wortham, TX, American Barndominiums was founded in 2022 by Neil Genge. Although a young company, it is quickly growing in popularity with its flexible design services.

In addition, the owners of American Barndominiums have a collective 12 years of experience designing custom barndo floor plans all over the U.S. So, they can design floor plans for entirely new barndos or help you convert an existing building.

American Barndominiums Services

American Barndominiums specializes in custom floor plan designs.

But within that specialty, they offer several different services ranging from new buildings designed from scratch, stock plans, and building conversions.

Stock Floor Plans

There are 17 pre-designed stock floor plans available from American Barndominiums. Each one comes with a thorough description of the layout and helpful suggestions about the barndo’s functionality.

You can also view images of the floor plan in detail before you purchase.

Furthermore, each floor plan comes with:

  • 3D model and interior/exterior rendered design perspectives
  • Exterior footprint
  • Ground and upper floor plan(s) as applicable
  • Elevations of all four sides
  • Electrical and plumbing placement plans
  • Roof design
  • Light, door, and window schedules
  • Cross and longitudinal sections
  • Foundation details if required
  • One-on-one consultation with design experts
  • 15-20 construction drawings
  • 20-40 2D and 3D renderings

Custom Floor Plan Design

If you want a floor plan made just for you, though, or are looking to convert an existing building, American Barndominiums can help.

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In order to begin your custom floor plan design, they set up a one-on-one Zoom call to learn about your vision for your barndo and get details on your property and project specifications.

Then, they create a preliminary design and work with you from there in an iterative design process to ensure you get the exact barndominium you want.

In addition, all custom floor plan packages come with the same features as the stock plans, including the construction drawing and 3D renderings.

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And finally, some of the optional features you can add to your design include:

  • Exterior coverings or siding
  • Patio, side buildings, garages, etc.
  • Specialty flooring
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Custom plumbing and electrical

Converting Existing Buildings

Part of American Barndominiums’ custom design services include being able to convert an existing building into a barndominium.

Just like when building a barndo from the ground up, American Barndominiums will get all the details about what you’re looking for in your new barndominium.

But they’ll also get the specifications of your existing building to help tailor the design to what you already have. They can convert barns, storm shelters, even churches or temples, and so much more.

Contractor Pool

With every floor plan from American Barndominiums, you get access to their pool of trusted contractors across the nation.

They don’t just send you the designs and wash their hands of you. They match you with a contractor in your area that specifically has experience building barndominiums.

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So, even though they don’t provide construction services themselves, American Barndominiums still helps you with the building of your barndo, not just the design.


Every stock floor plan from American Barndominiums is valued at $2,997. However, they have special offers that can lower that price to $997 plus tax.

The cost of custom plans can vary greatly between each project, so there is no set pricing listed. However, each custom floor plan requires a deposit of $997.


Since American Barndominiums only provides design services, generally speaking, they do not offer any financing options.

American Barndominiums Reviews & Rating

American Barndominiums does not have a rating from the Better Business Bureau. They are a relatively recent company with a small online presence, so customer reviews are limited.

Their website includes testimonials that praise their convenient design plan, cost, and design quality. On the other hand, their one other outside review is negative, claiming they didn’t fully deliver their full design plans.

Customer Testimonials

Here’s what some customers have said about working with American Barndominiums LLC:

Robert Johnson, American Barndominiums testimonial – “I was initially drawn to American Barndominiums for their complete plans and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. The floor plans are so complete, it’s made the entire planning process convenient and enjoyable. A great investment!”

David Thompson, American Barndominiums testimonial – “What drew us to American Barndominiums was the cost of their floor plans. What kept us is how detailed their plans are and their amazing customer service. It allowed us to allocate our budget to other priorities. Highly recommend!”

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Caleb Forte, Facebook review – “Hired them a few months back to build plans and renderings for my home. All was good at first, but after a while nearing the end to complete construction plans and renderings. I had to continue to contact them about when it was supposed to be completed and my emails were ignored. I copied the founder/owner (Neil Genge) in an email and got responses back with construction plans and only half of my renderings. Tried calling and emailing for weeks and they refuse to respond. I paid for all of it and only got some of it. Just took my money. I don’t recommend this company at all.” (Doesn’t recommend)


  • Highly detailed floor plans
  • Stock and custom designs available
  • Assistance with finding a contractor


  • Minimal online presence and customer reviews
  • New company without an established reputation
  • Design-only: limited services compared to other barndominium service providers


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