4-Bedroom The Tennyson Barndominium With Bonus Rooms For Work & Play

Specifications Area: 5,523 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2.5 Stories: 1 Garage: 3 Welcome to The Tennyson Plan, an exceptional barndominium floor plan designed to elevate your living experience.  With spacious dimensions of 50′ x 100′ and a total area of 5,523 square feet, this residence offers ample space for comfortable and luxurious living.  The … Read more

2-Bedroom The Claremont Barndominium With 2nd Floor Balcony

Specifications Area: 2,636 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2.5 Stories: 2 Welcome to The Claremont Plan, an exceptional two-story barndominium floor plan that effortlessly marries contemporary design with practical living.  With its dimensions measuring 36′ x 36′ and a total area of 2,636 square feet, this thoughtfully crafted residence combines functionality and style to create … Read more

2-Bedroom The Carlton Barndominium With Modern & Versatile Layout

Specifications Area: 5,880 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2.5 Stories: 1 Garage: 4 Welcome to The Carlton Plan, a captivating barndominium floor plan designed for those seeking the pinnacle of modern living. With expansive dimensions of 50’ x 100’ and a total area of 5,880 square feet, this home exudes both grandeur and functionality.  The … Read more

The Top 15 Barndominium Builders In Vermont (For 2024)

If you’re planning a barndominium, finding a builder is the first step. That’s going to be important for every stage of your build process, from getting planning permission to going to the bank. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for building barndominiums in Vermont. These range from traditional metal kit suppliers and erection companies to … Read more

13 Of The Top Barndominium Builders In Rhode Island (For 2024)

If you’re looking into building a barndominium, you’ll have to make decisions around what kind of home you want. Here, you’ll often have to make decisions around whether you want your barndominium to be a pole barn, a traditional metal building kit, a custom wood metal kit, or even a custom wood barn. Barndominiums range … Read more

Top 20 Barndominium Builders In North Dakota (2024)

If you’re in the market for a barndominium, a builder is the first thing you’ll need. Here, you’ll almost always need a builder before you can approach a bank for financing. That means making decisions upfront about what kind of barndominium you want, how you want to handle the build process, and what work you … Read more