Florida’s Gem: Abigail Rudy’s Transitional Red Barndominium Shines In The Sunshine State

Here we introduce Abigail Rudy’s red barndominium, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Florida.  Abigail and her family embarked on a unique journey, crafting a space tailored precisely to their needs.  Spanning 32′ x 88′, this distinctive home seamlessly combines comfort and practicality, featuring a living area under 1,300 sq ft and a generous shop … Read more

How To Get A Barndominium VA Loan (Guide For 2024)

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9 Advantages of Building a Barndominium Home In 2024

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Barndominiums In Australia: Everything to Know In 2024

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7 Most Common Barndominium Sizes to Consider

If you’re planning a barndominium, size is one of the first things you’ll have to consider. Barndominiums come in all sizes. In fact, most building kits can easily extend up to 200 feet wide with no internal supports or columns. That gives you all the freedom to create whatever kind of space you want – … Read more

Southern Charm Perfected: Mary Bosarge Morris’ Barndominium In South Alabama, Featuring A Butler’s Pantry & Customized Touches

Nestled in the heart of South Alabama, Mary Bosarge Morris and her husband embarked on their dream project: an empty nest forever home on 40 acres of picturesque land.  Living in their RV for ten months during construction added a unique perspective to the process, underscoring their newfound appreciation for the barndominium they were building.  … Read more

5 Inspiring Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plans

If you’re planning a barndo, you’ll have a lot of options. One of those is adding a second story to your building. While most barndominiums today are single-story buildings, barndos were originally multi-story. In fact, that allowed you to use the bottom floor as a garage, workshop, or agricultural area with a living space on … Read more