1845 Barndominiums: 2024 Reviews, Prices, Services


1845 Barndominiums is a metal building design company located in Hallsville, Texas.

Their owner, Cody Holloway, built his first barndo in 2007 after over 20 years in the metal building industry. 1845 Barndominiums is a sister company to MBM Metal Buildings, also located in Hallsville.

Holloway uses his industry experience and his close relationship with Texas company Roof Masters to provide quality barndo kits and floor plans. In addition, the company can build 80 miles from Hallsville but can also deliver kits nationwide.

1845 Barndominiums Services

1845 Barndominiums offers both pre-designed plans and full kits to build your own barndominium. They have multiple types of plans to fit your specific needs, and the kits can be customized as well.

3-Tiered Barndo Plans

There are currently 18 pre-designed plans for barndominiums available from 1845 Barndominiums. Each one has three “packages” that includes different levels of detail:

  • Starter Package: floor plan with basic dimensions and 3D renderings of the front and back elevations. These plans are not intended for construction purposes.
  • Gold Package: full set of construction plans and a 3D exterior view of the barndominium.
  • Platinum Package: full set of construction plans and a full set of 3D renderings of the floor plan.

The starter package is priced at $40, the gold package at $1,500, and the platinum at $1,800.

1845 Barndominiums have plans that include 1-5 bedrooms, 1-4 bathrooms, and are between 840 and 3235 square feet.

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You can also use these plans as a starting point for a custom house; however, a “modified plan” must be purchased directly through a team member rather than through the website.

Customizable Barndo Kits

Nine of the pre-designed plans from 1845 Barndominiums have kits you can purchase starting at $32,000. They also have three additional designs that are available in kits only.

The chart below shows a small sample of the types of kits available:

Floor Plan TypeSquare FootageBedroomsBathroomsBase Cost
Little White Farmhouse8,9111$32,000
Hickory Rd1,80022$93,000

All of the above kits are also available as just floor plans. Each kit comes with the following standard features:

  • Bolt-together steel frame
  • Primary and secondary framing (grits and purlins)
  • PBR metal roof and PBU wall panels
  • All carports, porches, shops, and garages included
  • 14 standard and 200 signature colors
  • Optional window, door, rake, eave, and corner trim color package
  • Optional gutters and downspouts
  • All screws, closures, bolts, and sealants needed to construct the building
  • Detailed erection drawings
  • Sealed engineered drawings for permits
  • Construction drawings and installation manuals
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The page for each kit also includes the various loads and exposures the plans are based on. Moreover, they can customize the plans to match your requirements for these features if they differ.


1845 Barndominiums kits range in price from $32,000-$110,000, before customization. While they list the starting costs for their kits, they don’t include any license fees or labor projections.

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Therefore, 184 Barndominiums recommends contacting them for up-to-date pricing information and a quote for your specific project.


The website for 1845 Barndominiums doesn’t refer to any financing or lending partnerships for their products and services. As a result, customers will need to reach out to an 1845 Barndominium representative for any information about financing.

1845 Barndominiums Reviews & Rating

Unfortunately, there aren’t many customer reviews of 1845 Barndominiums outside of those aggregated by Google.

Most of the reviews are positive, stating that they love the designs. However, most of the positive reviews admit that they have not ordered or completed a building yet.

The negative reviews cite issues with communication and poor construction practices.

Finally, 1845 Barndominiums is not listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Google Reviews: 4.3/5 (based on 46 reviews)

Customer Testimonials

If you want to know what people are saying about 1845 Barndominiums, read these testimonials from real customers below:

Spencer Searight, Google review – “My wife and I have shared a great experience working with Michael at 1845 Barndominiums on designing our new barndo. He has been very responsive and has given ideas and suggestions on our plans. After making revisions to the preliminary plans, he usually has the new drawings for review within a couple of days. The initial call to 1845 was very pleasant and informative when we had questions regarding the design of our home.” (5/5 rating)

Kristen Dalby, Google review – “Highly disappointed with this company and their quality of work. My build has taken over a year and it is still not complete […] All the doors they installed are warped and won’t close properly. My front door won’t even shut and seal properly […] They did not use enough screws when installing the metal siding and the screw patterns are off. The list could go on and on! Learn from my mistakes! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.” (1/5 rating)

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Payton McGarvey, Facebook – “Cody Holloway at 1845 Barndominiums helped me to create the perfect first home for me and my future family. […] Toby Hill was my project manager, he had my interest front of mind during the whole build. I called Toby almost weekly with small things that I had concerns about and they were handled within 24 hours of the call. I received weekly emails from Toby on where we stood in the build and what to expect next. I had a great experience with 1845 Barndominiums. They will definitely be building my next house.” (recommended)


  • Employs a full-time engineer to ensure plans meet residential codes and standards.
  • High-engagement YouTube channel and detailed videos about completed builds.


  • No interior framing or windows are provided in the kits.
  • Little to no detail about the type and quality of materials used in barndo kits.
  • Few positive reviews from customers who have actually purchased and completed a building from 1845 Barndominiums.

Website: https://1845barndominiums.com/

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