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Summertown Metals is a family-owned business that began in 2006. They were founded in Tennessee and provide the surrounding areas with quality custom buildings and construction materials.

Although they first began as just a materials supplier, Summertown Metals has expanded to become a full building contractor. They can build custom barndominiums in a 150-mile radius of Summertown, TN.

For those just looking for materials or build kits, they can deliver up to 300 miles from Summertown.

Summertown Metals Services

Summertown Metals specializes in supplying high-quality construction materials. But they also sell barndominium blueprints, kits, and shell and turnkey construction services. 

Stock And Custom Blueprints

Even if you want to handle construction yourself, Summertown Metals can still provide you with the blueprints to get started. They offer a selection of 24 stock floor plans for which you can purchase a PDF and physical copy of the blueprints. These plans include:

  • Two printed copies (additional copies available for a fee)
  • Stud frame construction designs
  • Custom exterior colors
  • Foundation plan
  • Roof plan & Truss Layout
  • Sideview elevations
  • Construction notes and details
  • Interior cross section view
  • Floor plan layout
  • Timber frame or conventional porches
  • Attached garage/carport

Summertown Metals can also create fully custom plans that include all of the features of the stock plans but give you complete control over the design.

Materials-Only Barndominium Kits

For customers in a 300-mile radius of Summertown, TN and Hayden, AL, Summertown Metals offers a materials-only service. Each kit includes the blueprints for the selected floor plan and all materials needed to fully construct the building.

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They do also sell materials outside of their stated radius, but 3rd party shipping arrangements are the responsibility of the customer.

Exterior Shell And Full Turnkey Construction

Summertown Metals has a service level that can suit any need. Looking for just the exterior shell? Summertown Metals can provide custom or stock plans, materials, delivery, and installation. They work with local independent contractors within 150 miles of Summertown and Hayden.

If you’re looking for someone to completely handle your barndominium’s construction, including interiors, Summertown also has turnkey options. These are available in a 100-mile radius of their Tennessee and Alabama offices and include construction by a licensed and bonded contractor.

Turnkey features include but aren’t limited to:

  • 1-year workmanship and material defect warranty
  • Samsung or York HVAC system
  • LVP flooring
  • Timberland cabinets
  • Granite countertops
  • Delta Faucets in three finishes
  • Sinks, lighting, and interior door options
  • 5-1/4” solid wood baseboards and 2-1/4” solid wood window and door casings


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Summertown Metals not only lists the specific price for their stock blueprints and construction, but they also list the price-per-square-foot on their custom designs.

  • Stock blueprint designs (plans only): $1,300
  • Custom blueprint designs (plans only): $1,500 plus $0.75 per sq. ft.
  • Exterior shells: $56,000-$334,000
  • Materials only: $27,000-$222,000
  • Turnkey construction: $161,000-$515,000

Construction and materials pricing does not include tax and shipping. Their blueprints can also be altered for an additional $125 per hour of revision.

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Summertown Metals also covers up to $2,000 of the cost of local permit acquisition expenses.


Summertown Metals does not offer financing, but they have resources available to help you find assistance. Interested parties can go to the Summertown Metals website or call for more information.

Summertown Metals Reviews & Rating

The Better Business Bureau gives Summertown Metals an A rating, and the business is accredited with the BBB. They’ve had two complaints in the last 3 years, both of which cite issues with the subcontractors hired by Summertown Metals.

Other reviews complain about communication issues, but their more positive reviews praise the quality of Summertown Metals’ products and craftsmanship. 

BBB – 3.73/5 (based on 22 reviews)

Google reviews – 4.6/5 (based on 574 reviews)

Yelp – 2.0/5 (based on 12 reviews)

Customer Testimonials

Jordan P., BBB – “Happy Happy Customer!!! Summertown Metals was awesome! Great experience highly recommended, will use them for anything I need done in the future! My sales rep Seth was the best, not pushy and very helpful and worked with me on everything!! Delivery was very timely and went smooth! Milguel and his crew on the construction side hands down the best!!! Great communication, great time frame. Awesome work, and Fast!! And left the job site very neat! Not a screw left on the ground! Overall the best experience!!!” (5/5 rating)

Connie Nichols, Google review – “We chose Summertown Metals based solely on references. We did have a few issues with communication and concrete, however once we received a call and visit from Derek, All issues were resolved within a couple of days. Derek was extremely kind in making sure we were satisfied with our building. We can honestly say that Summertown Metals did an amazing job in fixing our issues and we are more than pleased with the outcome.” (4/5 rating)

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Steve O., Yelp – “This is a mixed review. Summertown Metals has a quality product and I am happy with the service at the main office. On the other hand, the contractors they use are beyond shady. They will leave the job site a total mess and do not pick up anything. Also, the contractor doing the concrete is horrible. See attached. Bottom line – find someone else to do the installation and stay away from the concrete guys!” (2/5 rating)


  • Clear pricing and product/service description
  • Wide variety of service levels from materials only to full interior design
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Large number of stock plans that can be purchased as-is or customized


  • Subcontracts rather than having an in-house construction team
  • Small work radius for certain services


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