J.C. Pole Barns: 2024 Reviews, Prices, Services


James Carver founded J.C. Pole Barns in 2005, but they offer over 20 years of experience in the industry to their customers. J.C. Pole Barns specializes in pole barn needs, of course, but they also provide metal roofing services.

The company serves customers throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, and Alabama.

J.C. Pole Barns Services

J.C. Pole Barns offers basic pole barn packages for which they can either provide DIY kits or help customers install them.

Custom Pole Barn Designs

If you contact J.C. Pole Barns through their website or over the phone, they can help you custom design a pole barn to fit your needs. Their custom quote form indicates that they can help you with the following design elements:

  • Fully enclosed barns or a roof only
  • Barns with sides open and gales enclosed or gables open and sides enclosed
  • Barns with 20–60-foot widths and 20-150-foot lengths
  • 10-20-foot heights (in 2-foot increments)
  • Single or split sliding doors
  • Wooden or aluminum-frame man doors
  • 3×3 windows
  • Side sheds
  • Wainscoting

They offer 19 color choices for their metal panels and trim, as well as three types of Premier Rib metal panels:

  • #1 40-year warranty
  • #1 Galvalume 25-year warranty
  • #1 40-year warranty crinkle finished metal (only available in charcoal, black, and burnished slate)

Their #1 40-year warranty is sustainable, fire resistant, lightweight, and Energy Star rated.

For track components on pole barn doors, J.C. Pole Barns offers the following:

  • Door track
  • Door Track
  • Side Rails
  • Trolley Sets
  • Hangers
  • Splices
  • Jamb Latches
  • Center Latches
  • End Caps
  • Doorstops
  • Bottom Rails
  • Guide Rails
  • White Door Handles
  • Double Track Brackets
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In addition, J.C. pole barns are built with Post Protector on the wooden foundations and Condenstop on their interior roof panels.

And finally, the rest of the building can use Therma-A-Guard insulation, VRR 3” fiberglass insulation, or Sola-R-Eclipse R-10 insulation.

Cupolas And Weathervanes

In order to add a little extra flair to their projects, J.C. Pole Barns offer two types of cupolas and 10 styles of weathervanes.

The company offers full louvered cupolas or cupolas with glass sides. Their metal weathervanes come in fun designs such as horses, birds, dogs, and even a John Deer tractor.

Lumber And Trusses

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If you just need lumber for your pole barn or other project, J.C. Pole Barns can deliver four sizes in four different types of lumber.

They offer treated posts, treated lumber, yellow pine, and spruce, all with the following specifications:

  • 24′ 4/12 pitch, 5′ o.c., 12″ overhang, 2×4 over 2×4
  • 30′ 4/12 pitch, 5′ o.c., 12″ overhang, 2×6 over 2×6
  • 30′ 4/12 pitch, 5′ o.c., No-overhang, 2×6 over 2×6
  • 40′ 4/12 pitch, 5′ o.c., 2′ overhang, 2×6 over 2×6

J.C. Pole Barns delivers to Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, and Alabama.


J.C. Pole Barns does not list their pricing except for certain sales. For instance, in 2023, they offered a 24x30x10 barn with a 10 ft. sliding door and a 36-inch service door for $9,500 (plus tax) as a Black Friday special.

During that same sale, they had a 30x30x10, a 30x40x10, and a 30x50x10 barn for $10,500, $12,500, and $14,500, respectively. Each came with the same doors as the 24x30x10.

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Customers can call J.C. Pole Barns or fill out their online form to request a quote for their project.


The website for J.C. Pole Barns doesn’t refer to any financing for their products and services. Therefore, customers will need to reach out to a company representative for any information about financing.

J.C. Pole Barns Reviews & Rating

The Better Business Bureau rates J.C. Pole Barns with a B-, though the company is not accredited with BBB. Their rating is based on a customer complaint from 2021 to which they failed to respond.

Negative customer reviews often cite poor construction, problems with materials and hardware, and a general feeling of not getting their money’s worth.

BBB – B- (based on one unanswered complaint)

Google Reviews (KY location) – 3/5 (based on six reviews)

Pissed Consumer – 1/5 (based on five reviews)

Customer Testimonials

Read on to see what past clients think of J.C. Pole Barns:

Joe Schneider, Google review – “Contacted him to get an estimate. He was rude and short from the beginning. I sent pictures and dimensions and he never got back to me. I contacted him multiple times and finally got him on the phone. Once he knew who I was he said he couldn’t hear and hung up. He won’t pick up phone or respond to email…very strange.” (1/5 rating)

Joe P Pvm, Pissed Consumer review – “They will not fix no repairs and if you contact them on the phone or Facebook they will block you. If I were you I would run away from this Company and don’t have no dealings with them.” (1/5 rating)

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Brandon Murray, Google review – “Had a great experience with JC Pole Barns on my building. Will definitely be using them in the future. They do great work.” (5/5 rating)


  • Locally owned business
  • Offers roof-only services as well as full barn construction


  • The few customer reviews available are almost entirely negative
  • Website is outdated and offers very little pricing and service information
  • Customization options are limited

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