The Top 15 Barndominium Builders In Vermont (For 2024)


If you’re planning a barndominium, finding a builder is the first step. That’s going to be important for every stage of your build process, from getting planning permission to going to the bank.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for building barndominiums in Vermont. These range from traditional metal kit suppliers and erection companies to luxury heavy timber barn builders and everything in between. 

Whatever you want from your barndominium, they deliver.

Pole barns, metal building kits, and even hybrid structures all deliver durability, low maintenance, low build costs, fast build timelines, and endless opportunities to do whatever you want with the interior.

Still, you’ll want to start with a builder, and this list of the best barndominium builders in Vermont should get you started. 

  • Vermont Frames
  • Morton Buildings 
  • Country Wide Barns 
  • Worldwide Steel Buildings 
  • The Barn Yard
  • Sunward Steel 
  • Davis Frame Company 
  • DC Builders 
  • Maverick Steel Buildings 
  • Boss Hog Barndominiums 
  • Vermont Country Builders 
  • GeoBarns 
  • Rhino Steel Buildings 
  • Absolute Steel Buildings 
  • Great Western Buildings 

1. Vermont Frames

Vermont Frames is a building company in Vermont offering both post frame and timber framing. This means you can get a handcrafted wood building with your choice of pole barn or stick-built framing.

Whatever you pick, you’ll get a full wooden structure with handcrafted framing. Vermont Frames will prefabricate your building and then assemble it on your site, complete with a foundation or slab. Vermont Frames can also provide structural insulated panels and hybrid structures. 

Vermont Frames is not a kit builder. Instead, you’ll get a fully custom home built using locally sourced wood.

You’ll also have the option to have Vermont Frames take over the interior finishing for flooring, cabinetry, and more. That makes this a great choice if you’re looking for a local business and want a full wood barndominium, and budget is not your primary concern. 

  • Based in Vermont 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Custom timber barndominiums
  • Post frame or stick-built barndos
  • Full erection services available
  • Foundations available
  • General contracting & interior finishing available

Address: 22 Varney Hill Road, Starksboro, VT 05487
Phone: 802-453-3727

2. Morton Buildings 

Morton Buildings is a large metal building manufacturer offering metal building kits and erection services across most of the United States. It also has an office in Castleton, Vermont, meaning you can get local service and support.

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The metal building kit supplier also offers 3 different barndominium kits, both of which you can customize as much as you want with 30+ colors, different panels, and several roofing options. One of the kits is also two-story.

Alternatively, you can custom-design your own kit and have Morton manufacture it for you. The supplier has a wide range of accessories and building features like dormers, chimneys, porches, and more. 

Morton also contracts erection services out to local building crews. This means that when you buy a building, Morton will ensure a team is on your site to do the land prep and pour the foundation on time.

When the foundation is ready, it will deliver the building kit and your crew will erect it for you. From there, they can install any extras like insulation kits or HVAC kits you may have ordered, and then turn it over to your general contractor for interior finishing. 

  • Service across Vermont 
  • 40-year panel warranty 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • 3 barndominium kits 
  • Custom design 
  • Extras and accessories 
  • Building erection and concrete services 

Address: 252 W. Adams St. Morton, IL 61550-1804
Phone: 800-447-7436

3. Country Wide Barns 

Country Wide Barns is a barn kit provider delivering pole barns and horse barns across Vermont. They largely specialize in horse barns in Vermont.

However, it also delivers barndominium kits including its ready-to-ship models and custom designs. In most cases, this means you can talk to Country Wide about your needs, have a barndominium prefabricated for you, and then shipped to you.

Country Wide will generally also work with you to find a local builder that can handle the foundation and building erection. 

Country Wide offers wood and metal framing. This is almost entirely post frame or “pole barn” framing. However, you can also choose from wood, metal, and vinyl siding and metal or shingle roofing.

In addition, Country Wide can help you source residential doors and windows and your interior finishing materials. You’ll still need a general contractor for the full interior finishing. 

  • Delivery across Vermont 
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Prefabricated barndominiums
  • Custom barndominiums 
  • Barndo kits based on floorplans 
  • Financing options
  • Erection services available 
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Address: 1020 Industrial Dr #20, Pleasant View, TN 37146, United States
Phone: +1 800-615-9720

4. Worldwide Steel Buildings 

Worldwide Steel Buildings is a metal building kit manufacturer offering multiple barndominium kit options as well as full custom design. It stands out with more customization options than any competitor.

However, it may not be what you’re looking for, as it does not offer erection or construction services. This means you’ll get a steel barndominium kit and otherwise you’ll need your own erection crew and general contractor to convert the barn shell into a home. 

Otherwise, Worldwide Steel can provide you with a fairly customized building, prefabricated, and flat-packed as a kit. That’s a great option if you want to keep costs down but still want your home to look good on the outside.

For example, with 60+ panel options, bays, towers, gambrels, dormers, and three roofing options, you can make the outside of your home completely unique.

Worldwide Steel also offers a lot of accessories like solar panel kits, insulation, and more. 

  • Delivery across Vermont 
  • 50-year structural warranty 
  • 2 barndominium kits
  • Custom designed barndominiums
  • Accessories and customizations available 
  • No erection services 

Address: 10505 State Rt YY Peculiar, Missouri 64078
Phone: 800-825-0316

5. The Barn Yard

The Barn Yard is a custom barndominium kit builder serving the east coast of the United States with handcrafted, heavy timber barns. The builder specializes in Amish construction pole barns and has a selection of kits.

These include one and two-story buildings with plenty of extras and features to make them look and feel unique. You can also custom design your barn and work with The Barn Yard to bring your exact vision to life.

All of The Barn Yard’s buildings are pole barns with wood post framing, wood siding, and your choice of doors, windows, balconies, and porches. 

The builder is also located in Connecticut. However, chances are high that you can arrange to have it erected on your barn for you on-site. You, however, will be responsible for the floor, interior finishing, and other details.

The Barn Yard does not offer budget buildings and kits. Instead, it charges around $350,000 for a 2,500-square-foot kit, excluding erection or interior finishing. 

  • Service across Vermont 
  • 10-year warranty 
  • Wood pole barns with wood siding 
  • Barndominium kits 
  • Custom barndominiums available 
  • Erection services

Address: 120 West Rd, Ellington, Connecticut 06029 
Phone: 860-896-0636

6. Sunward Steel 

Sunward Steel is a metal building prefabrication company specializing in American-made steel. The plant manufactures all of its barndominium kits in Colorado and ships them out across the United States by truck.

Here, you’ll typically receive a flat-packed barndo kit, which Sunward will erect for you on your lot. If you opt for project management, the crew will also show up in advance to prep the site and pour the foundation.

Sunward sells a few barndominium kits as well as multiple barn kits that you can repurpose into a barndominium. You can also custom design your barndo with Sunward and have it manufactured just for you. 

Sunward also offers a wide range of accessories and extras including insulation kits, solar panel kits, and more.

In addition, it can ensure that your building kit meets local wind and snow load ratings so you’ll probably want to custom order your kit rather than choosing one “off the shelf”.

Sunward is a great choice if you want the durability of a metal building and prefer American-made steel. Also, it still offers plenty of customization options, so you can still put together a beautiful building. 

  • Service across Vermont
  • 40-year warranty 
  • Barndominium kits 
  • Custom designs 
  • Features and extras 
  • Erection services 

Address: 600 E Hampden Ave Denver, Colorado 80224
Phone: 303-759-2255

7. Davis Frame Company 

Davis Frame Company is a barndominium and home builder specializing in multiple types of home building and construction. Its primary service is custom pole barn homes with your choice of insulated panels or traditional paneling.

This allows you to get anything from a traditional home look to a rustic look with exposed heavy timber framing.

In addition, with every home prefabricated, Davis Frame Company can save you on build costs and timelines no matter which construction option you choose – as most site build times are about 2-3 weeks for the exterior shell. 

Davis Frame Company does not offer interior finishing services. Therefore, you’ll still need a general contractor to work on the interior for you.

You’ll also generally need someone else to pour the floor – although Davis Frame may be able to handle it for you.

Davis Frame is a great choice if you want a customizable home, prefer local business and crafting, but still want modularity and cost control over a traditionally built home. 

  • Serves Vermont 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Custom timber frame homes
  • Your choice of building style and paneling
  • Custom barndominiums
  • No building kits
  • Erection services provided
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Address: 513 River Rd, Claremont, NH 03743
Phone: 603-543-0993

8. DC Builders 

DC Builders is a timber barn kit manufacturer offering 70+ barndominium kits plus options for customization or designing your own. The company specializes in barn homes and cabins which means that every kit it has is intended for use as a home.

In addition, it primarily offers timber pole barns with exposed wood framing, timber siding, and timber trim. However, you can opt for wood, metal, and shingle siding and roofing. DC Builders also designs new buildings.

You can receive these as a materials-only delivery, where DC Builders ships the kit to your location for erection by your builder.

However, in Vermont, DC Builders will also work with a local builder to contract erection services for you. This means they can also work with someone to ensure you get a floor and foundation in and then the building, so all you have to worry about is the general contracting. 

DC Builders is not a cheap option. In fact, choosing a heavy timber barndominium kit will probably cost you more than a traditionally built house.

DC Builders is a great choice if you’re looking for a beautiful building and aren’t particularly worried about costs. 

  • Service across Vermont 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • 70+ barndominium kits 
  • Pole barn kits 
  • Custom barndominiums
  • Wood, vinyl, shingle, and metal paneling 
  • Erection services available 

Address: 1639 Dickerson Blvd A, Monroe, NC 28110, United States 
Phone: +1 704-225-9669

9. Maverick Steel Buildings 

Maverick Steel Buildings is a general metal building kit manufacturer based in Georgia. The company specializes in low-cost metal buildings primarily for agricultural and commercial use.

It does not offer any metal building kits intended for use as barndominiums. This means that you will pay less per square foot than you would for a barn kit intended to be used as a home.

However, it also means you’ll lose many of the residential features and accessories offered by companies that do offer barndominium kits. That does make it a great option, though, if you’re concerned about price and primarily want to keep the cost of your barn home as low as possible. 

Here, Maverick Steel Buildings will design and ship you a building or ship you an off-the-shelf kit. This will come complete with a foundation plan. You can then hand that off to your builder so they can handle everything for you and erect the building.

Maverick also offers some custom engineering, although exterior design options will be minimal. 

  • Delivery across Vermont 
  • 1-10 year warranty 
  • Barn kits for barndominiums 
  • Custom engineering available 
  • Foundation plans included 
  • No erection services 

Address: 52 Apex Dr, Jefferson, GA 30549
Phone: 706-715-8939

10. Boss Hog Barndominiums 

Boss Hog Barndominiums is a turnkey barndominium builder specializing in handling full jobs. It’s an ideal option if you mostly want someone to step in and handle everything for you.

However, you will pay for that service and Boss Hog counts as a luxury barndominium builder.

What do you get for that? Boss Hog will design your barndominium or deliver a kit for you, will handle planning permission, will do site prep, prepare the foundation, erect the building, and then will fully finish the interior for you.

In most cases, the full process takes about 6 months, which means you can go from hire to moving in in about 7-8 months. 

Boss Hog also offers a mix of building and framing types. For example, you can use a steel building kit or a wood pole barn with metal siding. You won’t get the kind of high-end materials you would with Timberlyne or DC Builders.

However, you will get a beautiful barndominium with everything designed around your specifications and design talks – so all you have to do is wait for your barndominium to be handed over to you. 

  • Service across Vermont 
  • 3+ year warranty  
  • Turn-key construction 
  • Barndominium kits 
  • Wood and steel framing available
  • Financing available
  • Full construction services including general contracting 

Address: 1297 Silver Ridge Ln, Brownsburg, IN 46112
Phone: NA

11. Vermont Country Builders 

Vermont Country Builders is a general-purpose construction company offering a mix of timber framing, pole barns, and traditional homes. It also specializes in barn homes with Amish builds, meaning you can get a pole barn home that looks like a barn or like a home.

You can also opt for a hybrid structure with stick framing and a pole barn design for added strength. Vermont Country Builders is also accustomed to designing homes for bare wood framing. 

While every Vermont Country Builders home is custom designed and manufactured around your specific needs, you’ll still get many of the benefits of a barndominium.

That includes faster erection times, no interior load-bearing walls, and all the freedom to do whatever you want with your home in one or two stories.

However, it will cost more than a kit option – although Vermont Country Builders will also erect your building for you. 

  • Based in Vermont 
  • Up to 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Custom designed wood barns and barndominiums
  • No barn kits
  • Pole barns or traditional timber framing 
  • Erection services available
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Address: 7537 Main Street Manchester Center, VT 05255
Phone: 802-367-3021

12. GeoBarns 

GeoBarns is a custom barn builder based in Vermont. The builder stands out with a custom approach to timber framing, as it uses diagonal timber framing with a post frame approach.

This creates more load distribution for more building strength. In addition, if you opt for a bare timber approach on the interior, which you can do with SIP paneling on the exterior, you get a unique pattern of beautiful bare wood on the interior of your home.

Every GeoBarns home is a hybrid structure with post and beam framing reinforced with diagonal stick framing for additional structural strength. 

GeoBarns custom designs every barn home to your needs. However, it does not specialize in barndominiums. Therefore, you’ll typically need a second contractor to come in for interior finishing including electrical, plumbing, and flooring.

The result is you get a beautiful and durable barn home but you may want to ensure your budget allows for it. 

  • Service across Vermont 
  • 5-year limited warranty 
  • Heavy timber post and beam and hybrid barndominiums
  • Custom designed barn homes
  • No barn kits
  • Erection services included

Address: 704 Kings Hwy, White River Jct, VT 05001 
Phone: 603-359-1912

13. Rhino Steel Buildings 

Rhino Steel Buildings is one of the largest metal building manufacturers in the United States. It’s also one of the options with the best warranty. However, it does have fewer residential accessories and customizations than some of its other large competitors.

On the other hand, with a lifetime structural warranty and a 60-year paint warranty, you can’t get a better warranty on a metal building kit anywhere in the country.

Rhino also offers some barndominium kits. You can also choose from 30+ panel options and plenty of extras including a solar panel and HVAC kit. 

Rhino will prefabricate and ship your metal building kit to your lot from about 10 weeks from order.

From there, you’ll need your own erection crew to assemble the kit on your foundation. That foundation should be built to Rhino specifications and fully cured before the building arrives.

Otherwise, Rhino is a great choice if you’re in the market for a relatively affordable building kit and are okay with taking on every aspect of construction yourself. 

  • Delivery across Vermont
  • Lifetime structural warranty 
  • Prefab barndominium kits 
  • Custom designs available 
  • Insulation kits and extras 
  • No erection services

Address: 4305 I-35 North Denton, Texas 76207
Phone: 940-312-7646

14. Absolute Steel Buildings 

Absolute Steel is a metal building manufacturer offering building kits and custom metal buildings across most of the United States. The builder specializes in prefabricated kits for barns, storage, agriculture, and commercial purposes.

It primarily does not offer any residential features or accessories. Therefore, this is a good choice if you’re looking for a budget metal building shell that you can convert into a barndominium.

Absolute Steel also does not offer any erection services whatsoever. Instead, it will deliver a flat-packed building to you for erection by your own crew. 

Absolute Steel uses a steel frame system that has to be assembled on a concrete slab or foundation. You’ll also need your own contractor to do the interior finishing.

In most cases, Absolute Steel is the best fit if you just want one of its ready-to-ship metal building kits. You can customize these with trim and paint colors.

However, you can also opt for a custom-designed building; just keep in mind that customization options are limited. 

  • Delivery across Vermont 
  • 20-year frame warranty 
  • 20–40-year panel warranty 
  • Barndominium kits
  • Some customization options 
  • No erection services 

Address: 5806 E Mineral Road, Guadalupe, Arizona 85283 
Phone: 877-833-3237

15. Great Western Buildings 

Great Western Buildings is a metal building prefabrication company offering metal buildings and building kits across most of the U.S.

The company primarily specializes in simple metal buildings designed around functionality and durability. That means you’ll get a basic metal building kit not designed to look like a home.

That will mean it should be cheaper than a barn kit intended as a home. However, you’ll still get roughly the same thing on the inside and all of the same options to turn your building kit into a home. 

Great Western Buildings also delivers “only” materials if you want.

Alternatively, it can handle building erection. This means you’ll receive a flat-packed kit ready for erection by your own crew or theirs. You’ll also have to handle the foundation, residential doors and windows, and the interior finishing.

Otherwise, this is a solid and reliable barndominium shell provider especially if you’re on a budget and want quality and a good warranty more than customization options. 

  • Service across Vermont
  • Lifetime structural warranty 
  • Custom steel buildings
  • No building kits 
  • Erection services included

Address: 3033 S Parker Rd, Suite 1200, Denver, Colorado 80014 
Phone: 800-487-2135

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