Top 8 Best Barndominium Builders In Maine (2024)


If you’re building a new home, barndominiums are one of the most popular new build options in the state of Maine. Whether that means a metal building kit or a pole barn kit (or even a luxury custom barn) doesn’t matter.

Barndominiums are sweeping the state thanks to convenience, fast build times, and reduced cost of building.

In addition, with no interior load bearing walls, barndos give you the freedom to do whatever you want with the interior space – whether that’s a traditional home, a workshop, a mixed agricultural or shop and home, or cathedral ceilings.

Whatever you want, a barndominium can deliver. 

Of course, you’ll first need a builder. Barndos are relatively new to Maine, so you’ll have to choose between a few suppliers across the state.

However, you can still find a builder for whatever kind of barndominium you want, and at whatever budget. 

  • DC Builders
  • Houses & Barns by John Libby 
  • Maine Barn Company 
  • Maine Metal Buildings 
  • Worldwide Steel Buildings 
  • Timberlyne 
  • Country Wide Barns 
  • Six Rivers Construction

1. DC Builders

DC Builders is a barndo kit builder offering luxury wood and metal barndominiums across the state of Maine.

The company uses pole barn construction, which means that it can show up, erect your new home, and potentially pour a concrete floor as well. DC Builders may also supply you with a ready-to-assemble building kit, which you can hand over to your own general contractors. 

DC Builders specializes in both customizable building kits and custom-engineered barn kits. It also works with mixed materials, meaning that you can opt for a fully wood or fully metal building kit.

The barn home builder will design, engineer, and deliver a flat-packed barn home kit, ready to be erected. However, you’ll need a separate contractor for interior finishing and potentially for initial erection as well. 

  • Service across Maine 
  • Barn home kits 
  • Custom barndominiums
  • Wood or metal structures
  • 1-year warranty 
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Address: 1639 Dickerson Blvd A, Monroe, NC 28110, United States 
Phone: +1 704-225-9669

2. Houses & Barns by John Libby 

Houses & Barns by John Libby is a new home builder specializing in pre-engineered wood barns and barn homes.

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The builder uses timber framing with primarily vinyl or metal siding and your choice of residential doors and windows. However, Houses & Barnes  also does traditional build houses, which means that you can opt for a barndominium or a hybrid barndo. 

Houses & Barns by John Libby delivers a home in 6-18 months. It also offers four kit home options to choose from, which are all timber frame homes.

However, the company only handles erection within an hour drive of Freeport, Maine. Outside of that range, they will provide a building kit to have your contractor erect on their behalf. You can also order a fully custom-engineered barn home. 

  • Erection within an hour of Freeport Maine
  • Delivery across Maine
  • Custom engineered wood frame homes
  • Barndominium kits 
  • No general contracting 

Address: P.O. Box 258 17 Post Road, Freeport, Maine 04032
Phone: 207-865-4169

3. Maine Barn Company 

The Maine Barn Company specializes in traditional wood post-frame barns and barn homes.

It’s also relatively unique in that it doesn’t use metal joinery but instead uses traditional wood and oak joinery. It also uses traditional designs modified into beautiful, modern homes.

Maine Barn Company specializes in traditional barns, barn homes, and hybrid structures.

It also offers a mix of building kits or pre-cut structures that are ready to assemble and fully custom-engineered barn homes. That makes Maine Barn Company a great choice if you like the look of a barn home but prefer a luxury wood home.

In addition, Maine Barn Company can help you to design the exterior of your barn home to look and feel exactly like you want it, including with residential doors and windows. However, you will need a general contractor for the interior finishing. 

  • Service across Maine
  • Wood post-frame structures
  • Barn home kits available
  • Custom engineered barndominiums
  • Full erection services 
  • No interior finishing 

Address: 10 Atlantic Hwy, Route 1, Edgecomb, Maine 04556
Phone: 207-882-9945

4. Maine Metal Buildings 

Maine Metal Buildings is a metal building company offering custom-engineered post-frame metal buildings. It does not normally specialize in barn homes. However, it has worked with a few of them in the past.

This means Maine Metal Buildings may be a good choice if you’re looking for a custom metal building erected on your property. However, you may have your project declined if it is too small for the builder. 

In addition, Maine Metal Buildings does not provide interior finishing. You’ll get a finished metal building with residential doors and windows and a concrete slab if you want one. Otherwise, you’ll need a separate contractor. 

  • Custom metal building construction across Maine 
  • Custom engineering only 
  • No metal building kits 
  • Full exterior design and construction 
  • No interior finishing
  • Post frame construction 
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Address: 625 Main Street, Gorham, Maine
Phone: 207-591-0196

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5. Worldwide Steel Buildings 

Worldwide Steel Buildings is one of the largest metal building manufacturers in the United States. It also offers several barn and barn home kits with options for residential trim including a small selection of residential doors and windows.

You can also add standardized trim and extras like pergolas, bays, roof customizations, and more. That makes Worldwide Steel one of the most versatile options if you’re looking for a metal building kit.

In addition, you can order a custom-engineered metal building kit with all of your own design options and considerations taken into account – even if you want openings for doors and windows you’ll purchase elsewhere. 

Worldwide Steel also offers accessories like insulation kits, lean-tos, and other add-ons. However, most of its buildings are constructed using a building system, meaning you’ll have to work with the capabilities of the system when designing your home.

On the other hand, with the option for a two-story metal barndo, three roof options, and dozens of add-ons, chances of running into those limitations are slim. You’ll need your own erection crew and interior finishing contractor. 

  • Delivery across Maine 
  • 50-year structural warranty 
  • Barndominium kits 
  • Custom engineered barndominiums 
  • Insulation kits
  • No erection services 

Address: 10505 State Rt YY Peculiar, Missouri 64078
Phone: 800-825-0316

6. Timberlyne 

Timberlyne is a luxury barndominium kit builder offering guaranteed sustainable harvest timber barndominiums.

The supplier delivers a selection of all-wood kits with wood post frame construction, wood siding, and wood trim. You’ll also have a choice of some residential doors and windows – however, you may prefer to source your own.

The company also custom designs and prefabricates custom barndominiums, meaning you can share your sketches and ideas and have Timberlyne bring them to life. 

In addition, you can opt for multiple roofing materials including wood, metal, or shingles. You’ll also have options for other customizations, including porches, lean-tos, and other add-ons. However, Timberlyne only provides the barndo kit.

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Once the brand manufactures your building, they will ship it to you flat-packed, and you’ll have to handle building erection and interior finishing on your own. 

  • Delivery across Maine
  • 4-year warranty
  • Barndominium kits 
  • Customization available 
  • Primarily wood construction with some alternatives available 
  • No erection or construction services 

Address: 116 West 1st Street Wayne, NE 68787
Phone: 888-489-1680

7. Country Wide Barns 

Country Wide Barns is a barndominium kit builder offering a mix of barn home kits and custom-engineered barndominiums. The company primarily works with metal building kits; however, you can also opt for wood with a wide range of finishing and interior options.

Country Wide Barns does not offer erection services in the state of Maine, however. Instead, it will work with you to source all of your materials including residential doors and windows. Then, it will hand off the ready-to-install and erect kit to your local builder. 

Country Wide Barns can also help you with planning permission, permitting, and other paperwork. That makes this a good choice if you’re looking for someone to supply materials but already have labor covered or want to do a lot yourself. 

  • Delivery across Maine 
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Barndominium kits and floor plans
  • Custom barndos 
  • Financing available 
  • No construction in Maine 

Address: 1020 Industrial Dr #20, Pleasant View, TN 37146, United States
Phone: +1 800-615-9720

8. Six Rivers Construction 

Six Rivers Construction is primarily a traditional home construction company.

However, it’s also a certified Lester Building Systems contractor, meaning the company can work with you to put up a Lester Buildings metal building kit and can then help you convert it into a home. This is also ideal if you’re looking for a hybrid barndo because Six Rivers can help you with that as well.

Six Rivers Construction also offers Lester Buildings pole barns, so you can put up whatever style of barndominium you’d like. 

As a full-service general contractor, Six Rivers Construction can also fully handle the interior finishing of your home. That means they can take over every aspect of your project, including permitting, land prep, foundations, interior finishing and design, etc.

  • Serves Midcoast Maine & surrounding areas 
  • 4-year construction warranty 
  • Post frame barndominiums
  • Traditional wood framing options
  • Full interior finishing and contracting 

Address: 12 Center Park Rd, Unit 7, Topsham, Maine 04086
Phone: 207-406-4494

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