11 Best Barndominium Builders In Arizona (2024)


Building your home is a rewarding but ultimately costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Barndominiums are increasingly popular because they cut down on design time, erection time, and construction costs, sometimes delivering a finished build for as little as half the cost per square foot as a traditional build.

However, costs and erection times vary considerably depending on whether you’re opting for a barndo kit or a custom-engineered luxury barndominium. 

Either way, you’ll need a barndominium builder and the following includes 11 of the best options in Arizona. This list is in no particular order. 

  • Southwest Building Solutions
  • Desperado Steel
  • Portal Peak Builders
  • Timberlyne Barn Homes 
  • Bunger Steel 
  • Arizona MD Barn Company 
  • Country Wide Barns 
  • Rhino Steel Buildings 
  • Elite Metal Buildings
  • Absolute Steel
  • Western Steel

1. Southwest Building Solutions 

Southwest Building Solutions is a metal building prefabrication company offering barndominiums and barndo kits in Arizona.

The company also builds custom-engineered barndominiums with full service from lot to a finished shell. This means Southwest Building Solutions will take over paperwork, subcontractors, planning permission, foundation, and erection to ensure your building goes up and on schedule. 

Southwest offers multiple barndominium building kits. You can also request a custom solution. The brand uses metal post frames with metal siding. Insulation, windows, and trim are also available. 

  • Custom-engineered barndominiums 
  • Erection services
  • Project management 
  • Foundation pouring
  • No interior finishing 

Website: https://www.southwestbuildingsolutions.com/
Address: 9299 W Olive Ave STE 213, Peoria, AZ 85345, United States
Phone: +1 623-505-3179

2. Desperado Steel 

Desperado Steel is a prefabricated steel building company specializing in barns, barndominiums, garages, and large-scale storage. The company is based in Surprise, Arizona, and offers service across the full state.

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Here, the team delivers a building kit based on your requirements, custom engineered to meet your needs. It can also take on general contracting to pour the foundation and do interior finishing.

However, in most cases, Desperado Steel delivers a steel barndominium shell, which you can then further customize into a home. 

Desperado Steel also offers project management services to help you align your project with interior contractors, so everything goes smoothly and on schedule. 

  • Custom-engineered barndominiums 
  • 30-year paint warranty 
  • Foundation pouring available
  • General contracting available 
  • No interior finishing 
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Website: https://desperadosteel.com/
Address: 13794 W. Waddell Rd. Suite 203 #301 Surprise, AZ 85379
Phone: 602-466-0955

3. Portal Peak Builders 

Portal Peak Builders is a metal post frame building company offering barndominiums and barn homes across the state.

The company uses red iron post frames and metal siding. It also designs every building from the ground up, with on-site construction rather than prefabrication.

In addition, Portal Peak Builders can work with you to ensure your foundation and site are ready to support your building. 

However, Portal Peak Builders delivers a barndominium shell. You’ll have to find a general contractor to do interior finishing. In addition, it offers limited finish and trim options.

This makes Portal Peak a good choice for simple but durable buildings but less so if you have a very specific look and feel in mind. 

  • Based in Benson Arizona 
  • Custom-engineered metal barndos
  • Red iron steel construction 
  • Concrete foundations 
  • Erection and partial interior 
  • 1-year craftsmanship warranty 

Website: https://portalpeakbuilders.com/
Address: 4453 S Sauk Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
Phone: 520-234-7803

4. Timberlyne Barn Homes

Timberlyne Barn Homes is a top choice for anyone in the market for a luxury barndominium. The company uses a combination of luxury materials and all-wood builds to deliver barndo kits in country and barn styles.

The company uses a combination of custom engineering and existing floorplans to help you quickly build a home that meets your needs. In addition, you can bring a floor plan and have Timberlyne work with you to make it a reality. 

Timberlyne prefabricates all of its barndominiums so you only have to assemble them on-site. However, it does not offer erection or finishing of any kind. This means you’ll need your own contractor for erection and interior finishing. 

  • 4-year warranty 
  • Timber framing 
  • Timber paneling 
  • No erection services
  • No interior finishing 

Website: https://www.timberlyne.com/
Address: 116 West 1st Street, Wayne, NE 68787
Phone: 888-489-1680

5. Bunger Steel

Bunger Steel is an Arizona-based steel building company offering everything from custom-engineered warehouses to barndo kits. The brand offers design and erection services anywhere in the state.

However, it does not do interior finishing or foundations. This means you’ll want to pour your foundation, contact Bunger for a building, and then choose to have Bunger or your own company handle the erection. 

From there, you can customize the building into anything you want with your own general contractor. Bunger also has multiple barndominium building kits which it can ship ready to erect in as little as a few weeks. 

  • Service across Arizona 
  • 20-year warranty 
  • 35-year paint warranty 
  • Barndo kits available
  • Custom engineering available 
  • Insulation and other options 

Website: https://bungersteel.com/
Address: 8112 West Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85043
Phone: 1-800-328-6437

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6. Arizona MD Barn Company

Arizona MD Barn Company is a steel barn company specializing in agricultural and commercial builds. However, it builds barns of any size, allowing you to purchase a barn for conversion into a barndominium.

The brand uses premanufactured barns which it imports from Canada and erects across Arizona and Texas. 

Arizona MD Barn Company also offers customization options in case you want to add residential doors and windows, change the trim, or even add cladding or paneling that doesn’t look like metal.

This means their options can be fairly flexible – so you can get the building you want. However, you will get a shell only and you’ll need a general contractor to develop the shell into a home. 

  • Custom barndominium design 
  • No interior finishing/no foundations 
  • Stucco and mixed material builds available 
  • 40-year limited warranty
  • 1-year craftsmanship warranty 

Website:  https://www.azmdbarnco.com/
Address: 6209 E Juniper Avenue Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: 480-767-0884

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7. Country Wide Barns

Country Wide Barns is a barndominium or barn home specialist operating across 18 states, including Arizona.

The company focuses on using prefabricated buildings in wood and steel. It also uses a range of vinyl and metal siding to offer very customizable exteriors.

In addition, the brand offers basic interior finishing, so you can get plumbing, foundations, and other simple shell construction from the company. However, you’ll need a general contractor to finish the home and install cabinetry. 

Country Wide Barns custom builds every barndominium. This is either from its selection of existing plans or a custom design based on your needs. In either case, Country Wide will manufacture the barndominium, ship it to your lot, and then erect it for you. 

  • Service across Arizona 
  • Custom engineered barndominiums available 
  • Financing options 
  • Foundations available
  • No interior finishing 

Website: https://www.countrywidebarns.com/
Address: 1020 Industrial Dr #20, Pleasant View, TN 37146, United States
Phone: +1 800-615-9720

8. Rhino Steel Buildings

Rhino Steel Buildings is a large-scale prefabricated steel builder delivering to the entire United States.

It also offers a selection of barndominium kits ready to ship, which can be delivered in less than 10 weeks. Alternatively, you can custom-order a barndominium for delivery to your lot. 

Rhino stands out with one of the best warranties in the industry. However, it does not offer any erection services or interior finishing. You will get a kit with erection instructions and numbered pieces.

However, you’ll need your own team to handle every part of the build process. Rhinos kits include steel frame, roofing, insulation, and any doors, windows, and trim you opt into. You’ll need a general contractor to supply everything else. 

  • Serves all of Arizona 
  • Lifetime structural warranty 
  • Prefab barndominiums
  • Custom-engineered barndominiums
  • Insulation included 
  • Kit delivery only / no erection services 
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Website: https://www.rhinobldg.com/
Address: 4305 I-35 North Denton, Texas 76207
Phone: 940-312-7646

9. Elite Metal Buildings

Elite Metal Buildings offers building kits for barndos and other residential builds across the state of Arizona.

The company is also one of the fastest options if you already have a foundation, because it promises delivery times of as little as 3 weeks for some of its barndominium kits.

However, the company does not offer erection or construction services of any kind. This means you’ll need your own general contractor to pour a foundation, erect the building, and then handle interior finishing.

Elite also offers minimal customization for every kit, with 12 colors and a few trim options per barndominium kit. 

  • Delivery across Arizona
  • 40-year paint and finish warranty 
  • No erection services 
  • Financing available 

Website: https://elitemetalbuildings.com/
Address: 6224 E Encanto St Mesa, AZ, 85205-5958
Phone: 1-800-348-1305

10. Absolute Steel

Absolute Steel is a prefabricated metal building company specializing in residential and agricultural building kits.

The supplier also offers a wide range of barn and barndominium kits, some of which it can deliver in as little as 2 weeks. However, it does not offer custom engineering, which means you won’t be able to customize your barndo kit beyond changing the trim or the panel color. 

Absolute Steel also does not offer erection services or interior finishing. Instead, they will deliver your building kit, ready to assemble, to your lot. You’ll need a separate contractor for lot preparation, foundation, and interior finishing. 

  • 20-year structural warranty 
  • Delivers to all of Arizona
  • Barndominium building kits
  • Delivery in as little as 2 weeks 

Website: https://www.absoluterv.com/
Address: 5806 E. Mineral Road, Guadalupe, Arizona 85283
Phone: 480-768-1618

11. Western Steel

Western Steel is a prefabricated building manufacturer delivering across the American Southwest including Arizona.

The company specializes in large-scale buildings but also has a significant barndominium portfolio. In addition, all of its barndominiums are built-to-order, delivered to your lot, and erected by Western Steel. 

Western Steel also uses a building system, meaning they use standardized frame and truss sizes to reduce costs and increase the speed of prefabrication.

You can also opt for mixed material builds with wood accents or roofing to add to the aesthetic appeal of your barndominium. 

  • Custom-engineered barndominiums 
  • 40-year panel warranty 
  • 1-year workmanship warranty 
  • Insulation available 
  • Erection services
  • No interior finishing or foundations 

Website: https://westernsteel.com/
Address: 1441 W. Ute Blvd. Suite 360, Park City, UT 84098
Phone: 800-763-0461

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