8 Best Amish Barndominium Builders In 2024


If you’re looking for a barndominium builder, the first step is to choose what kind of barndo you want. Poel barns or post frame buildings are increasingly popular, especially across the Midwest. That makes sense, considering they’re cost-efficient, durable, and often allow you to build in beautiful wood rather than with a metal kit. Most importantly, the best craftsmen are widely recognized as Amish, which is why Amish builders are sought after by anyone looking for a beautiful wood-based barndominium. 

The good news is that, depending on where you live, there are likely to be hundreds of small Amish builders available to design and erect a pole barn for your new home. The bad news is that most of those are extremely local and you might only have a few to choose from in each region. The good news is that some Amish builders offer barndo construction across a much larger region, so you can generally easily find a builder for your pole barn. 

  • Hilltop Structures
  • J&N Structures
  • MilMar Pole Buildings
  • Weaver Barns
  • The Amish Structures
  • Stoltz Co.
  • JDM Structures
  • JJ’s Custom Builders 

What Are Amish Barndo Builders?

Amish barndo builders are generally run by Amish families using traditional building techniques. This means traditional wood frame and joist pole barns, constructed out of heavy timber, and with minimal processing and add-ons. Amish builders are famous for their high-quality and beautiful buildings and many people choose them because they want visible woodwork and framing on the interior of their barndominium. 

Some hallmarks of Amish builds include: 

  • Pole barn barndominiums with no foundation only piers supporting the frame
  • Visible heavy timber framing 
  • Fully custom barndo designs
  • Wood or metal sheeting for exterior paneling 
  • No metal brackets
  • Your choice of wood or concrete floor (which you typically have to fit yourself) 

Essentially, you get a pole barn, constructed in wood, and without the cookie cutter approach of a larger prefabrication company. There are pros and cons, but many people love the approach.

8 Amish Barndominium Builders

There are hundreds of Amish pole barn builders in the United States. Any of those can build your barndominium for you, providing you live in their service area. That service area is often the biggest issue, as some Amish builders only serve within about 50 miles of their home address. The good news is that high-demand areas like Lancaster County, PA, have over 100 listings for Amish pole barn builders in the phone book. The bad news, the further away you are from an Amish community, the less likely you are to find someone at all. 

The following includes 8 of the best Amish builders for you to choose from. 

1. Hilltop Structures

Hilltop Structures is a small Amish builder run by a family based in Waverly and Cumberland Furnace Tennessee. The builder specializes in everything from ready-made cabins to sheds and pole barns. Hilltop does not explicitly offer barndominiums. However, it does do all-wood builds with post frame construction, wood siding, and metal sheeting roofing which you can then convert into your new home. 

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This does mean that you will need a general contractor to take over after finishing your build. However, you can get a beautiful and custom-designed barn to start from, with paint or bare wood – so you can get the exact style you want. Hilltop Structures offers free delivery within 50 miles of Cumberland Furnace. 

  • Amish barn builder
  • Offers ready-made sheds and structures
  • Full wood structures
  • Wide range of custom options available 
  • 5-year warranty 

Website: https://hilltopstructures.com/ 
Address: 1051 Nolan Rd., Cumberland Furnace, TN 37051 
Phone: 615-789-0062

2. J&N Structures

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J&N Structures is an Amish pole barn builder based in Pennsylvania. The builder specializes in modular barns, horse barns, and mixed use barns. However, they’re also familiar with barndominiums and can work with you to design a barn for residential use. The Amish builder is also relatively unique in that it can also offer you metal buildings – so you can choose whether you want traditional wood or a more durable metal structure. 

Like most other Amish barn builders, J&N won’t offer any residential trim at all. However, you can choose from 16 roofing colors. You can also get a fully customized single or double story barn. However, everything else, including doors and windows, is on you and your general contractor. 

  • Amish pole barn builder
  • Based in Pennsylvania 
  • Wood and metal frames
  • Wood and metal siding 
  • Wide range of customization options 
  • 50-year roofing warranty 

Website: https://www.jandnstructures.com/ 
Address: 520 Stauffer Rd, Lititz, PA 17543, United States
Phone: +1 717-627-5020

3. MilMar Pole Buildings 

MilMar Pole Buildings uses pole barn kits to offer Amish structures at a reduced cost over custom builds. The Amish-owned builder prefabricates buildings in its own factory and then assembles them on your lot. It’s also fully accustomed to building pole barns for residential use. To that extent, it also offers a price range, averaging about $55 per square foot to design and build a pole barn home on your lot. That goes down to $30 per square foot for your porch and $40 per square foot for you garage. You can also get MilMar to pour your concrete for you. 

MilMar uses a building system, so you can’t get as much customization as you can from some other builders. However, it does offer more services, including the floor. The flat-rate pricing also makes it easier to figure out what your barndominium home should cost.  Plus, with general contracting services available, MilMar might be a great choice if you want one builder to handle your full barndominium build. 

  • Serves Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois 
  • 20-year exterior warranty 
  • 4-year full warranty 
  • Amish owned builder 
  • Pole barn kits available 
  • Some customization available 
  • General contractor 

Website: https://www.milmarpolebuildings.com/ 
Address: 7657 IN-2 La Porte, IN 46350 
Phone: 260-525-9068

4. Weaver Barns 

Weaver Barns is an Amish builder based in Sugarcreek, Ohio. The builder specializes in prefabricated wood and metal barndominium kits and like Milmar, offers flat-rate pricing. That means you can easily see what your full barndominium shell is likely to cost so you can more easily make decisions and budget for your entire home. Weaver Barns also offers complete customization per building kit, which means you can always tweak every part of your building. Weaver can also pour concrete floors. 

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If you’re within 30 miles of Sugarcreek Ohio, you get erection and delivery included in the listed cost of your barndominium. However, if you’re outside of that area, you’ll have to negotiate with Weaver to see if they will even install the barn for you. This means that if you’re further away, you may be able to get delivery but not the building erection. 

  • Based in Sugarcreek, Ohio 
  • Free delivery and erection within 30 miles of Sugarcreek 
  • 1-year craftsmanship warranty 
  • Every kit comes warrantied 
  • Barndominium kits 
  • Limited erection outside of service area 

Website: https://www.weaverbarns.com/
Address: 1696 State Route 39 Sugarcreek, OH 44681
Phone: 330-852-2103

5. The Amish Structures 

The Amish Structures is an Amish post frame builder based in New York and serving the full bay region. The company specializes in heavy timber wood construction for barns and barn homes. Unlike most other Amish barn builders, Amish Structures also offers stick-built framing, so you can opt for a traditional home or for a hybrid barndominium. 

The Amish Structures is also fully prepared to work with you to build a home rather than just a barn. This means they can source or build residential doors and windows for you. You can also get extra trim and custom design for the exterior of the home. The Amish Structures also offers concrete, so you can opt for a poured concrete slab or floor for your barn home. 

The Amish Structures does not offer interior finishing. However, it can direct you to a partner to take over the interior modeling for your home if you’d prefer to have that handled for you. 

  • Serves the Bay Area 
  • Amish builders of pole barns and stick-built framing 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • 1-year craftsmanship warranty 
  • Full erection services
  • Concrete floors and slabs 
  • No general contracting  

Website: https://theamishstructures.com/ 
Address: 8343 Route 20, Manlius, NY 13104 
Phone: 315-552-8583

6. Stoltz Co.

Stoltz Co. is an Amish heritage builder specializing in wood frame and wood post frame buildings including barns. The company is not explicitly Amish. However, it uses the Amish building style and work ethic with deep roots in the local Lancaster, PA region. Stoltz is also fully family-owned and offers traditional housing as well as pole barns. Its pole barn company is primarily listed under Stoltzfus Builders, but both are the same family serving from the same region. 

However, Stoltz itself is based in Tennessee. It also serves a much wider region. And, it’s fully dedicated to residential builds, which means you can get residential doors and windows, residential trim, and other customization as part of your home build. 

  • Serves the Bay Area 
  • Amish-heritage builders
  • Pole barns and stick-framing 
  • Wood framing with metal siding 
  • 5 year construction warranty 

Website: https://www.stoltzco.com/ 
Address: 2881 Will Teasley Road, Cedar Hill, TN 
Phone: 615-622-5992

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7. JDM Structures

JDM Structures is an Amish builder specializing in pre-engineered building systems and Amish construction. The builder offers a mix of design and structural options so you can choose what best fits your budget and build timeline preferences. In addition, with 6 barndo kits ready to go, you can very quickly have a barndominium built in whatever style you like. This also means getting traditional rather than Amish builds. Therefore, JDM isn’t always going to be the right choice if you’re looking for beautiful and custom woodwork inside your barndo. 

However, JDM can provide every part of your home for you including the foundation, erection, insulation, and even the interior. That makes this builder a great choice if you’re looking to save on costs, want one builder to handle everything, or just prefer to simplify your build process. 

  • 5–20-year warranty 
  • Service across Ohio
  • Pole barn and barndo kits
  • Customization 
  • Amish or traditional building 
  • General contracting available 

Website:  https://jdmcustombuilders.com/ 
Address: 5840 County Road 201 Millersburg, Ohio 44654
Phone: 1.877.536.2276

8. JJ’s Custom Builders

JJ’s Custom Builders is a Pennsylvania-based barndominium builder specializing in traditional Amish building and techniques. The company uses traditional wood construction with heavy timber and no metal brackets, giving you a beautiful and intricate wood-beam interior. The company also offers fully custom wood doors and windows. You get your choice of wood or metal exterior paneling and roofing. In addition, you can choose your own custom doors and windows, add custom trim, or almost any other customizations you want. Every JJ’S barndominium is fully custom designed and the company does not work with kits. 

That makes JJ’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a full-wood barndo shell. It’s also a good fit if you want something completely custom – even if you want a second story. You will have to pour the floor yourself and find a different general contractor for the interior. Otherwise, JJ’s can help you with a beautiful Amish barndominium. 

  • Service across the Bay Area 
  • 15-year workmanship warranty 
  • Traditional heavy wood framing 
  • Post frame buildings 
  • Amish builders 
  • Financing available 

Website: https://jjscustombuilders.com/ 
Address: 13 Martic Heights Dr, Holtwood, Pennsylvania 17532
Phone: 717-740-9570

Finishing Up

Amish builders typically work with heavy timber framing, don’t use metal brackets, and use reinforced or braced framing on the interior. In most cases, if you’re standing on the floor and look up, you’ll see the wood – and that’s why many people love Amish structures. However, Amish builders diversify and may offer everything from traditional wood construction to metal building kits. Therefore, you’ll have options, even if you’re supporting a small and family-owned business. 

Most of the builders on this list deliver custom wood framing. Some offer building kits in wood or metal. All of them offer your choice of wood or metal framing and siding. That gives you plenty of room to design the barn home of your dreams and to get the exterior to look and feel exactly like you want. Good luck finding your builder. 

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