Top 25 Best 3 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans (2024)


If you’re building a new home, a barndominium is one of the most popular choices for new builds. That’s because they offer fast and cost-efficient builds without sacrificing durability or longevity.

In fact, the barndominium often comes with a build warranty of 50 or more years, something almost no other housing option can offer. Plus, with build costs hovering at around 30% lower than a traditional stick build, there’s no reason not to go with a barn home. 

3- bedroom homes are also the most popular option for homes in the United States. Why? They’re the perfect fit for the classic family size of two adults and two kids. If you don’t make that, you still have extra space for offices, studies, libraries, and more.

Whatever you’re looking for, the following 3-bedroom barndominium plans offer inspiration and perhaps your dream home. 

Why 3 Bedroom Barndo House Plans Are Perfect

A 3-bedroom home is the standard home size in the United States.

That means your home is likely to fit exactly what you need, it will always conform to market demands, and it’s small enough to be affordable without sacrificing space. 

Just the Right Size 

A 3-bedroom barndominium is just the right size to fit nearly any needs. For example, it’s perfect for starters who want to have space for kids.

It’s perfect for couples and retirees who want space for guests or an extra room to convert into a studio or office. It’s perfect for a family. It’s also perfect for sharing.

3-bedroom barndominiums are small enough to fit into city lots and still offer enough space to be ideal even in the country. Whatever you want, the 3-bedroom home plan can likely meet those needs. 

That also means it’s a great fit almost anywhere if you decide to sell. Everyone wants a three-bedroom home because they’re the perfect balance between affordability and spacious home.

Of course, if you have other needs, you won’t go for the three-bedroom, but if you need 1-3 bedrooms now, the three bedroom is a pretty safe choice. 

Easy to Maintain 

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Three-bedroom barndominiums can be as compact as you need them to be. Having less floor space isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, you can often capitalize on the barndominium to reduce maintenance to the bare minimum.

Three bedrooms mean you’ll have fewer windows to replace, less exterior to clean, and less cleaning to do inside. And, with a barndominium, you’ll benefit from a low maintenance steel frame, low maintenance metal siding, and often a warranty on both.

That means the only thing you’ll have to do is clean your home, pay attention in case of rust, and keep up with general maintenance. 

Of course, barndominiums also need heavy maintenance sometimes. But, when the time comes to replace the doors and windows, the three-bedroom home is affordable and easy to keep up with.

In fact, most standard window replacement packages are based on three-bedroom setups, which means you’ll generally get the best deals on that work as well. 

Easy to Sell 

Most homes on the market are three-bedroom homes. That’s often because they are the most in-demand option out there.

If you have three beds, you’ll be able to easily put your home on the market knowing that almost everyone is looking for that size of home. Of course, there are disadvantages as well, there will be more competition.

On the other hand, with the open floor plan and steel frame of a barndominium, you will have points that make your home stand out from the competition. 

Opting for a 3-bedroom barndominium means you’ll always have a market if you decide to sell your home. However, it’s always a good idea to check with a real estate broker to discuss future sale potential if you’re building with selling in mind. 


Three bedrooms can be extremely versatile. In fact, they can allow you to do almost anything you want. For example: 

  • Family home 
  • Starter home 
  • Couples home 
  • Retirement home

Why are they so versatile? You can easily convert that third bedroom into about anything you want to. 

  • Bedrooms for kids
  • Second master suite to share the home
  • An office or home studio
  • Extra storage
  • A hobby room or gym 

Essentially, having a third bedroom means you can always use the space for whatever you want, whether that’s having a family or having space for the things you like to do. 

Fits Almost Anywhere 

3-bedroom homes can be as compact as you want them. That makes them ideal for fitting almost anywhere, from city lots to rural open spaces.

Opting for a two-story 3-bedroom home means you can fit your barndominium onto even the narrowest city lot.

At the same time, nothing is stopping you from going for a spacious approach and building a sprawling country home with just three bedrooms, a garage, and a wraparound porch.

You get whatever you want from the space, because it is versatile, and the building itself can be almost as compact as you’d like. 


Three-bedroom barndominiums are the perfect balance between spacious and affordable. In fact, barndominiums typically start out at around $80 per square foot.

Costs can double or even quadruple that depending on what you do with the interior. However, with three bedrooms, you’ll get the best of every world.

You can still have a spacious barndominium without spending more on interior, ducting, heating, walls, extra materials, etc. That makes it a great fit if you want to keep costs low. 

25 Best 3-Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndominiums offer open floor plans that you can adapt to almost any layout. The following 3-bedroom floorplans showcase everything your 3-bedroom barn home can be. 

1. The Ascot Plan (AS1313-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 1,746 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • Workshop or 1-car garage 
  • 50 x 55

At 50 x 55’, this spacious 3-bed barndominium floor plan offers everything you need for a family home, retirement home, or starter home.

That versatility is reflected in every part of the home, starting with the open floor plan offering a kitchen, dining area, and living area in one room with a vaulted ceiling.

That kitchen opens into a back storage area, complete with pantry and general storage. You can also go directly to the garage or workshop – which is the right side for a single car or a heated workshop if you prefer. 

The sleeping arrangements are split across two sides of the home.

On one side, you get two bedrooms with built-in closets. They share a private bath between them.

On the other, a master bedroom with ensuite bath and walk-in closet. That’s ideal for shared living space, having guests, or even for older kids who still want privacy. 

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2. The Berther Plan (BE0033-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2,252 sq. ft. living area 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 65 x 36 

At 65’ x 36’, this barndo floor plan delivers a versatile home plan that can fit even into a suburban lot (although it’s still too big for the city).

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It also delivers everything you’d want in a three bedroom barndo plan with an open floor plan, private areas, a master bedroom, and plenty of integrated storage.

It’s also one of the few plans on this list to separate the kitchen and dining area, making it a good fit if you prefer a more traditional home layout. This plan is also a good fit if you want to share a living space, as it splits the sleeping areas. 

The main room walks through from the front porch to the back patio to offer 439 square feet of living space. That connects to a kitchen with built-in breakfast nook overlooking the patio.

You also get a hidden pantry, for out-of-the-way storage. The master bedroom features a walk-in closet and ensuite master bath. 

The other side of the home features two bedrooms sharing a jack and jill bath, each with its own walk-in closet. The area also features a smaller room to serve as a playroom or hallway. 

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3. The Beverly Plan (BE0063-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2,174 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage + workshop space 
  • 40’ x 80’ 

This 3-bedroom barndominium floor plan offers a spacious living area, three bedrooms plus an extra space, and roughly 600 square feet of garage and workshop space.

That makes it extremely versatile, whether you’re looking for a starter home, family home, or retirement home. It’s also designed with storage and accessibility in mind, so this home can serve you through every part of your life. 

An open floor plan means you get a great room with a central kitchen and pantry. That’s accented by a wraparound porch so you can take family and guests outdoors.

The sleeping area features two spacious bedrooms with built-in closets. These share the main bathroom. The master bedroom features a walk-in closet with an ensuite bathroom.

You also get an open room, perfect for a kids’ playroom or a home gym. There’s also space set aside for a laundry room. 

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4. The Calmore Plan (CA1323-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1,200 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 30’ x 40’

At 30’x40’ this 1,200 sq. ft. 3-bed barndominium floor plan is as compact as they come. Yet, it delivers with well-thought-out storage, a layout that fits everything you need, and all the amenities for you and your family.

At 1,200 square feet, it is a good fit for a starter or retirement home than a family home. 2 teens and 2 adults could start to get cramped, unless you’re comfortable living close together.

However, with a big porch and plenty of opportunities for fitting in a garage, it’s also easy to expand on in case you do need that extra space. 

The home features a high ceiling and an open floor plan, so no room feels small. You’ll also get two 100-square-foot bedrooms and an almost 150-square-foot master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

Every room has built-in closets, including a walk-in closet for the master bedroom. Plus, with storage, a pantry, and a laundry room all built-in, everything has been thought of. 

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5. The Cecil Plan (CE0123-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 1,605 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 40 x 40

At 40 x 40, this compact home offers a cost-effective and easy-to-build 3-bedroom home plan. It also fits in everything you’ll need to live with a small family or by yourself with extra room for work and play.

The plan is designed around a simple metal building kit, so you won’t need any custom design.

However, inside, it will still wow with an open floor plan and high ceiling. That means the living, kitchen, and dining areas are all in one big room.

Those rooms connect to a utility room, pantry, and bathroom so storage is all accounted for. A second door is ideal for adding a detached garage or for going out to the porch. 

All three bedrooms are separated from the living area by a small hallway. Two primary bedrooms feature large built-in closets. You also get a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and master closet.

That makes the layout ideal for a family – and everything you’d need for small kids or teens who need their space. 

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6. The Cranbrook Plan (CR0583-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 1,525 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2 bathrooms 
  • 2-car garage + workshop space 
  • 30’ x 75’ 

This country-style 3-bedroom barndominium floor plan offers everything you need for modern living, in almost any location you want.

At 30’ x 75’, it will fit into most suburban lots, giving you plenty of room to put your barndominium up wherever you want to live. The base plan also comes with plenty of porch space in the front and back, making it a good fit for a country home as well. 

Inside, you get a modern design with kitchen, dining, and living space in one. That opens into a sleeping area with three bedrooms and a bathroom.

The master bedroom also has its own ensuite bathroom plus a built-in walk-in closet. From there, the home leads straight through to a garage with a shop, ideal for 2 cars and a small workshop. 

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7. The Emerson Plan (EM0183-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 1,866 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2.5 bathrooms 
  • 2-car garage + workshop 
  • 40 x 80 

This modern home design uses a basic metal building kit setup to deliver a beautiful home exterior and a stunning interior.

The modern design opens from a front porch into a 530 square-foot living area complete with a living area, kitchen, dining area, and pantry. With a high ceiling, wide open floor, and windows on all sides, it looks and feels spacious. 

Three bedrooms include two smaller rooms with built-in closets. You also get a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom with bath and shower.

The 3-bed barndo home plan also features a laundry and mudroom with a second half bath. Both open to the spacious garage and workshop, which offers plenty of room for two cars and a garage – so you can bring hobbies, or a recreational vehicle, home. 

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8. The Ernest Plan (ER0053-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2,174 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2.5 bathrooms 
  • 2-car garage 
  • 36’ x 80’ 

This stunning contemporary three-bedroom barndo home brings a farm-style gabled metal building kit together with a silo adapted into a dining area to deliver a unique and beautiful home.

Together, the architectural elements are stunning and fit well into any country setting. Inside, the home allows you to go for a modern look and feel or charming country chic, whatever you want. 

That includes a stunning open living area with a kitchen, pantry, and attached dining area. High windows and ceilings mean you’ll always benefit from natural light, even when you don’t want the heat of the sun in your home.

The master bedroom features a walk-in closet and ensuite bath. You also get two extra bedrooms with integrated closets. And, a bonus room means you can have that office, a playroom, or whatever else you want without converting a bedroom. 

Plus, with an attached 2-car garage, you’ll have everything you need all under one roof. 

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9. The Ferndown Plan (FE0043-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 1,989 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage 
  • 36’ x 75’ 

This 3-bedroom barndominium plan delivers the look and feel of a charming barn home converted out of a simple metal building kit.

The no-frills exterior approach will help you keep build costs and timelines low – while still delivering a charming exterior complete with a wrap-around lean-to porch and a 2-car garage.

Inside, you benefit from the lack of interior load-bearing walls with a massive open living space. The kitchen nestles into one corner with the pantry. The plan also includes space for a fireplace and chimney. 

The sleeping area actually includes four rooms, three of which are designated as bedrooms. Here, you get two smaller bedrooms with built-in closets. The master bedroom features a walk-in closet and master bath.

The fourth room is ideal as an office or study, or even a playroom if kids are young enough. Plus, a laundry room and an extra half bath mean the garage is ideal to use as a workshop. 

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10. The Fulmar Plan (FU1433-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2,206 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage + workshop space 
  • 40’ x 80’ 

With 2,200 square feet of heated living space, this 3-bedroom barndo plan is spacious enough for any family. It also offers everything you need all-in-one, with a porch, integrated garage and workshop, and storage planned in.

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The great room also features a vaulted ceiling, giving you an extra feeling of space as you step into the home. The kitchen features an island and a built-in pantry as well. Two bedrooms share a bathroom. Both also feature their own closets. 

The home, however, centers around the master suite. With 550+ square feet of space, it’s the centerpiece of the home. It also features a walk-in closet and master bath.

Plus, it opens directly to the back patio, which can be set aside as a private space. You also get a 2-car garage with plenty of room for a workshop. 

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11. The Glenwood Plan (GL0573-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1,550 sq. ft. heated living space
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 4-car garage + workshop space 
  • 35’ x 70’ 

This mid-sized 3-bed barndominium home is designed to fit anywhere you want it, from a suburban lot to a countryside retreat.

At just 35’ x 70’, it will fit onto most lots. It also keeps build costs low with a simple exterior design so you can make do with a simple metal building kit plus a lean-to front porch.

Inside, it delivers everything you could want from modern contemporary design complete with open floor plans, vaulted ceilings, and everything under one roof. 

The living, dining, and kitchen are in one spacious room, making your space look bigger than it is.

You also get a bedroom opening directly to the living room, making it ideal for conversion into an office or studio if you need that space.

The other two bedrooms are separated by a hallway, so you have privacy and peace. The master bedroom features its own ensuite bath and walk-in closet. 

Plus, with a 4-car garage and plenty of room for a workshop, you’ll have everything you need right where you need it. And, with utility rooms, laundry, and storage all built-in, everything has been thought of. 

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12. The Haynes Plan (HA0163-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 3,099 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage + workshop space 
  • 72’ x 60’

This mid-sized family home delivers everything you need for spacious and comfortable modern living, in a charming barn home. The 3-bedroom barndominium plan delivers on floor space, with 3,099 square feet of heated living space.

That’s spread across two master bedrooms, a family room, a great room, and an extra bedroom. You also get a massive living and dining area with a kitchen built-in to the back, plus a front porch. 

The family area takes up most of the home. Here, you get two master bedrooms, each with its own master bath and walk-in closet. A safe room splits the two.

The smaller bedroom has its own bath and shower as well, as well as a family or playroom which you can also use for a home gym or media room if you prefer.

A back patio connects to the garage, which offers space for up to 2 cars and a small workshop. 

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13. The Herbert Plan (HE0013-A)

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 1,983 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 2.5 baths
  • 42’ x 50’ 

This 3-bedroom barndominium floor plan takes advantage of metal framing to allow for soaring ceilings and high windows for natural light. On the outside, the home is simple but tasteful, and can easily fit into many suburban areas.

On the inside, you get vaulted ceilings, an open floor plan capped with a central fireplace, and a kitchen nook and dining area opening into the back patio. There’s no garage built-in, but the side doors make it easy to decide to install a detached one. 

The home also features a master bedroom on one side with a walk-in closet, wet room, and master bath.

You also get two bedrooms on the other side of the home, perfect for sharing the home or for offering teens more privacy. Those share a bath but do feature their own built-in closets.

The laundry and storage rooms are also already integrated, so everything has a place from the start. 

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14. The Masefield Plan (MA0603-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2,040 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 34’ x 60’ 

The Masefield Plan is a spacious 3-bedroom barndominium family home offering everything you need to fit a growing family. That makes it the perfect starter home although you may want to add an attached garage.

The exterior is simple and easy to build, with a gabled base and a wrap-around lean-to porch. Inside, that simplicity turns into a spacious living area, kitchen area with a dining bar, and split sleeping arrangements.

On one side, you get dual bedrooms complete with a shared bathroom and built-in closets. Extra storage means towels and linens will always have a place as well. 

On the other, you get a massive master bedroom with an ensuite master bath. The utility room offers space for laundry as well as a pantry for the kitchen.

And, you can walk through the home from porch to porch for ease of access, whether you’re eating dinner or socializing outside. 

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15. The Parkstone Plan (PA0023-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2,038 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 2.5 bathrooms 
  • 2-car garage + workshop space 
  • 42’ x 73’ 

This three-bedroom barn home floor plan offers a charming barn look complete with a gabled roof, wide open floor plans, and a beautiful front porch.

The home itself features a stunning high ceiling, complete with transom windows for natural light from above, even in the center of the home. It also features a great room with a built-in fireplace, dining room, and kitchen nook.

The plan uses the back wall for display, or an extended kitchen counter, depending on what you want. 

You also get a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, vanity room, and master bath. On the other side of the home, you get two bedrooms sharing a bath. Each has its own closet, but at almost the same size as the master, these are ideal if you want to share the home with other adults.

Plus, this plan comes complete with storage built-in everywhere, with linen closets, a laundry room, a mechanical room, a pantry, and more.  

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16. The Parkway Plan (PA0173-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2,280 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage + separate workshop
  • 40 x 80 

This mid-sized 3-bedroom barndominium floor plan balances spacious living with an everything-under-one-roof approach to deliver everything you need for a retirement home, starter home, or family home.

The plan is 40’ x 80’. It fits a garage, separate shop, 3 bedrooms, storage, and an open floor plan living area into that. You also get a partial wraparound porch, so you can enjoy your view, whatever the weather. 

The dining area and great room offer wraparound windows. You also get a kitchen tucked against the back wall, complete with a built-in pantry. The bedrooms include two small bedrooms with built-in closets.

The master bedroom offers a walk-in closet. The ensuite bathroom also features a bathtub with a wet area, so you have a spa-like experience right at home. 

The plan also incorporates a laundry room, mud room, and plenty of storage. And, both open to the garage, which has room for 2 cars. A separate shop means you can opt to heat your workshop, or convert it into a large office; your choice. 

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17. The Peregrine Plan (PE1443-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2,207 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage + workshop 
  • 40’ x 80’

This 3-bedroom barndominium floor plan is a great example of how a home that has the exact same features can do something completely different with the layout.

The Peregrine is roughly exactly the same as the Parkway, but uses a different layout to meet completely different needs. For example, the front porch opens into a great room with a dining area and kitchen.

The vaulted ceiling means this room feels impressive, even though it’s actually smaller than the one in the Parkway. 

The bedrooms are divided by a hallway, with two bedrooms sharing a bath on one side of the room. The master bedroom features a walk-in closet and master bath.

The laundry area also leads directly to the garage, which offers space for either four cars or 2 cars and a spacious workshop – although it uses the same amount of space as the split workshop and garage as the Parkway plan.

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18. The Primrose Plan (PR0593-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 1,800 sq. ft. heated living area
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 30 x 60’ 

This compact country home offers a charming exterior with a gabled roof and front porch. It also maximizes the use of space, with a layout designed to create interior storage.

The result is a highly versatile 3-bedroom barndo plan offering everything you need for a small family, with plenty of versatility no matter where you are in your life path.

The home also features a back patio where you can set up outdoor dining to enjoy your summer nights right outside the kitchen. 

The open floor plan means you can walk into the living area to enjoy a spacious central area with a dining room, kitchen, and couches. That’s framed by storage, with a utility room, laundry room, and built-in pantry.

There’s no garage, but a side door is ideal in case you want to add a detached garage.

The master bedroom features a master bath and master closet. You also get two smaller bedrooms sharing a bathroom – although both have their own built-in closets. 

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19. The Purbeck Plan (PU1413-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2,200 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2-car garage + workshop space 
  • 80’ x 40’ 

This spacious three-bed barn home plan offers a layout to turn a 40×80 metal building into your dream home. The kit also uses a lean-to front porch to add extra living space.

Otherwise, the home is focused on the living and dining area. With over 500 square feet of living area plus a semi-separated dining area and kitchen in almost all the space, you have a massive central space to share with family, friends, and other guests.

That also connects to the laundry room and a guest bathroom, as well as to the garage, which is ideal for 2 cars and a central workshop. 

The sleeping area is separated from the main area. That includes two bedrooms sharing a bathroom, both of which have built-in closets.

A third bedroom offers an ensuite bathroom. It’s also centrally located, making it an ideal choice for new parents who want to quickly get to their kids in the middle of the night. 

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20. The Silverdale Plan (SI1403-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2,300 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2.5 bathrooms 
  • 2-car garage + workshop space 
  • 80’ x 40’

This spacious 3-bed barndominium floor plan is designed to be at home in a suburban neighborhood. However, it’s also versatile enough to fit anywhere you want, even in the country.

With three bedrooms, you’ll have enough space for the whole family. The plan also takes lifestyle into account, with storage, a laundry room, pantry, and closets all worked into the design. 

A central living area means living, dining, and kitchen are all in one big room. The kitchen is set to the side, so you can walk through the home from the front porch to the back patio for a breezeway in the summer.

Two bedrooms share a bathroom on the side wall. You also get a master bedroom with an ensuite bath and walk-in closet. The garage is big enough for 2 cars and a small garage. 

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21. The Stafford Plan (ST0613-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2,655 sq. ft. heated living space 
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2 stories 
  • 48’ x 47’ 

This 3-bedroom barndominium floor plan relies on compact footings and two stories to deliver maximum floor space at a minimum cost. At 48’ x 47’, it’s also small enough to fit on many lots, although not in many cities.

The plan delivers 3 bedrooms, a large living space, and vaulted ceiling in the living area, offering a mix of cost-effective and stunning architectural design. 

Downstairs, you get a front porch opening into a great room, a semi-separated dining area, and a kitchen. That opens to a back patio.

The downstairs also features three bedrooms, including a master suite with an ensuite bathroom and master closet. The other two bedrooms share a bath.

Upstairs, you get two open spaces, which you can convert into an office, study, or extra bedrooms depending on what your family wants to do with the space. That freedom also means you can simply use the space as an attic, or modify it for multi-generational living. It’s all up to you. 

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22. The Tiptree Plan (TI0103-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1,200 sq. ft. heated living space
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 30’ x 40’ 

This compact 3-bedroom barndo floor plan offers an ideal starter home or retirement home, complete with plenty of rooms for whatever you want. The 30 x 40 outer building is accented with a simple gable and a lean-to front porch.

It also offers a cozy look and feel, with an open floor plan living and dining area with a built-in kitchen. Storage, including a utility room and pantry are already worked in. 

The home also features a master bedroom with a master closet and master bath. Both are very spacious, so you’ll have plenty of privacy and luxury without leaving the ensuite.

The other two bedrooms share the main bathroom and are perfect for kids, or for converting into hobby or work rooms depending on your needs. 

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23. The Wedlake Plan (WE0113-A)

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1,218 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2 bathrooms 
  • 30 x 40 

This small 3-bedroom barndominium plan delivers country-side charm in a compact format, so you can fit your new home wherever you’d like. The simple exterior design means it’s cost-effective to build, and you can have your barndo put together from a ready-to-ship kit.

Inside, the focus is on privacy and luxurious living.

The open floor plan means the living area and kitchen are in one space, leaving most of the house for three spacious bedrooms. These are separated from the living area by a split utility room and bathroom, so bedrooms always have privacy and quiet. 

The bedrooms all feature basic amenities including windows and built-in closets. The master bedroom also features an ensuite bathroom as well as an entrance to the wraparound porch. That makes this home versatile, whatever you want to use it for. 

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24. The Woburn Plan (WO1303-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 1,630 sq. ft. heated living area 
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 34’ x 50’ 

This 3-bedroom barndo floor plan plays with the barn silhouette to deliver a beautiful but still contemporary modern home design, complete with high windows and vaulted central ceiling.

You also get both the front porch and back patio, with a wide open central living space that connects the two.

The living area features a built-in kitchen with a central cooking bar and table and a built-in pantry. That’s ideal for socializing and for enjoying the view or the weather most of the year. 

This plan also splits sleeping rooms across the house. On one side, you get two smaller bedrooms sharing a bathroom. These offer built-in closets and plenty of windows.

On the other side, you get a master bedroom complete with a walk-in closet and private ensuite bathroom. That makes this ideal whether you’re a growing family, looking into multi-generational living, or just want to offer guests more privacy when they come over. 

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25. The Woodfield Plan (WO0203-A)

  • 3 bedrooms 
  • 2,180 sq. ft. heated living space
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 3-car garage + workshop 
  • 40’ x 80’ 

This spacious 3-bedroom barndominium floor plan offers everything you need for a family home with three bedrooms, an extra room for an office, built-in storage, and a garage incorporated into the layout.

The floor plan opens from a 320-square-foot front porch. Inside, you get a living room with a dining room and kitchen built in. A pantry against one wall means everything is right where you need it. The plan also incorporates a chimney with a wood-burning stove. 

The rest of the home is divided over three bedrooms and a bonus room, so you can have your office or hobby room without sacrificing a bedroom, or even expand to a four-bedroom home.

The two primary bedrooms share the central bath. They also offer built-in closets. The master bedroom offers an ensuite master bath plus a walk-in closet.

You also get a mudroom with storage built-in leading out to the garage, which offers plenty of space for 2 cars plus a workshop. 

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The Bottom Line

3-bedroom homes are the most popular home option in the United States. It makes sense that you’d want a 3-bedroom barndominium.

Still, knowing what you want to build isn’t always enough. You need to know the steps to get started and how to go about every step of the build process.

You can turn to our barndominium package, with step-by-step guides to financing, planning permission, hiring contractors, and more, on its pages. 

Alternatively, you can learn more about financing a barndominium here. Or, if you’re just looking to get started with a floor plan now, check our floor plans here

Good luck building your barndo!

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