Rolling Hill Barndominium With Single Car Garage & Wood Accents by HL Custom Homes

Stressful city life alongside social and economic uncertainty led to an increased interest in rural living in recent years. Amidst the allure of wide-open spaces and green pastures, many also turned their interest to alternative and sustainable housing options. Barndominiums are at the forefront of this new trend. Closely respecting the design and layout of … Read more

Timeless Stoneburg Metal Barndominium With Tons Of Kitchen Storage by HL Custom Homes

Barndominiums are cheap to build, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, durable homes. With so many advantages, it isn’t surprising they rose in popularity in recent years. Their design also evolved. For instance, metal barndos — by far the most popular — now come in a variety of sizes and layouts. Those who don’t like attached garages can now … Read more

Ideal White Metal Barndo Home by HL Custom Homes

In recent years, barndominiums have become increasingly popular. They offer expansive living spaces and are more affordable to build than traditional homes. While standard barndominiums might not win any exterior design contests, architects now create barndo plans with superb exteriors. A fine example is the Whitt Metal Home by HL Custom Homes. This gorgeous property … Read more

Perfect Double-Story New Years – Decatur Barndominium by HL Custom Homes

In recent years, barndominiums revolutionized the residential architecture scene with their contemporary charm and versatility. Barndos can adapt to every need and family size, and a fine example for larger or multigenerational families is the Decatur Barndominium by HL Custom Homes. This remarkable double-story abode seamlessly marries the rustic charm of a barn with the … Read more

Deluxe Crafton Ranch Home by HL Custom Homes

Barndominiums are a rising trend in modern architecture. They redefine the conventional notions of home design, blending the rustic charm of traditional barns with contemporary living comforts. These unique structures offer perfect harmony between aesthetics and function, impressing with vast open layouts, high ceilings, and a versatile design easy to customize to each homeowner’s needs. … Read more

Stunning Hunting Ranch with Double Garage by HL Custom Homes

Originally born out of the conversion of barns into residential spaces, barndominiums have evolved into stylish, functional homes. They capture the essence of both rustic charm and contemporary design with their open plans, ample functional spaces, and impressive adaptability to all needs and requirements. The flexible design principles and unique lifestyle they offer contributed to … Read more