The Ultimate Barndo-Mansion: Todd Spencer’s Kentucky Home With Butler’s Kitchen, Music Room, & Indoor Sports Court

Welcome to the ultimate party barn nestled in the heart of Kentucky, dreamt up by Todd Spencer and his wife.  This impressive 2-story “barndo-mansion” stands as a testament to the charm of traditional craftsmanship, featuring a 2 x 6 stick frame on stem walls, all enveloped in wood.  With dimensions of 92 x 98 feet, … Read more

Heather Jones’ Western New York Barndominium: Unveiling A Secret Bookcase & Other Fun Features

Welcome to Heather Jones’ splendid barndominium creation in Western New York.  Heather and her husband embarked together on this incredible journey, finishing their home in only 5 months. This remarkable 1,750 square foot home features two bedrooms and two baths, exuding a cozy yet refined atmosphere. The house boasts an attached 6-car garage with loft … Read more

Can Barndominiums Have Basements? (3 Considerations)

Barndominium structures, in one shape or form, have been around for many years.  Today, barndominiums, or “barndos” as enthusiasts often refer to them, continue to grow in popularity as an option for homes. And, just as in any home, barndominiums can be constructed with a basement.  There are a few special considerations for building a … Read more

Building A Barndominium In Arizona, AZ (2024 Guide)

When you see pictures of Arizona on television and in glossy magazines, you probably think of deserts where little of interest grows. You’d be wrong. About one-third of the land is arid, about half is semiarid, and one-sixth is humid. But what they all have in common is the warmth, all year round, over most … Read more

9 Pro Tips For Choosing A Great Barndominium Builder

As more and more people discover the advantages and versatility of barndominium homes, the demand for “barndo” home builders continues to grow. Home building contractors are plentiful, and all make the claim that they can get the job done on time and within budget. That’s when the smart buyer exercises extreme caution before signing the … Read more

East Texas Metal Frame Barndominium: Charlie Jones’ DIY Journey

Introducing a remarkable East Texas home that has been eight months in the making. Constructed by the skilled builder and owner, Charlie Jones, this barndominium boasts a metal frame and is truly stunning and beautiful. Ample windows, a covered porch with a fireplace, and a well-equipped kitchen make this home ideal for gatherings. The living … Read more

Building A Barndominium In Iowa, IA (2024)

Iowa is one of the leading agricultural states in the US, with more than 90% of the land devoted to agriculture. So, you can understand the popularity of barndominiums here.  Barndominiums, barndos, or barn homes combine agricultural barns and houses. Usually, they have plenty of living space, with large rooms and vaulted ceilings. Typically, this … Read more

Redefining Rural Living: The Polistico Family’s Modern Barnhouse In The Catskill Mountains

Welcome to the Polistico Family’s modern lakefront barnhouse in the serene Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.  This stunning 2-story residence with a full basement boasts a total square footage of approximately 2,700.  Built with meticulous attention to detail, the house features wood siding and a cutting-edge ZIPR system, offering an impressive R3.6 insulation value … Read more

Rustic Elegance In Washington State: Savannah Colistro’s Barndominium With Pickleball Court

Discover the rustic elegance of Washington State living in Savannah Colistro’s barndominium, boasting impressive dimensions with a 38’ x 60’ main structure and an attached 36’ x 38’ 3-car garage.  This remarkable property spans over 3,690 square feet of living space, offering a spacious and inviting retreat. With 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, there’s ample … Read more